VF-2000 | Congratulations Pastor Scott!

Pastor Melissa Scott

Yesterday’s Sunday Service (November 1, 2015) marked a major milestone for both Pastor Melissa Scott and Dr. Gene Scott. Pastor Scott preached the 2000th service in the ministry started by her husband some 40 years ago.

VF-2000 was preached yesterday — which I believe was her 549th Sunday Service — meaning that Pastor Scott has now preached approximately 25% of the sermons in total. The remainder having been preached by her late husband.

Praise God and way to go Pastor!


  1. Pastor Melissa: I love the way you yell ” W A K E . . . U P, on that one rerun, it proves how certain things need to be repeated.
    Thanks For Your Dedication To Din Din Din Din Din Din Din Dinning
    Things Into Our Heads. As Doc Said We Are Blessed To Have You. Selah.

  2. I have not seen you in a few years…However, Pastor Scott you have entered my thoughts and how I miss you eloquent teaching of God word…Pastor Scott, you remind of a metal smith, how he would beat the metal to drew out the purist steal in order to forge finest of his work…You are the same in your understanding of the word…I have met you through your programs that I have watch…You question the word as I do, however; you have done what I could not…you learned the languages to over come the hidden truth that was lost to use sense the counsel of Niseia…My question to you Pastor Scott, why was the book of Mary taken out…I think it was social politics of the that time where women were not understood as Jesus taught to be the help meet to man…In other words men and women compliment each other in all understanding…The Holy spirit shows this through you and how you teach the word…I thank you for your faith, wisdom, and understanding…Mary was special to Jesus and her faith in him never wavered…I do not believe that there is a (Dan Brown)blood line between Mary and Jesus, but I do believe Jesus told Mary things in the spirit that he didn’t give to men followers do to their social upbringing of that time…Am I wrong to question, and think in this direction? And why are we as Christians not understanding the miracles at our finger tips through our faith in Christ…Left this Veal from me Melissa, Marry Christmas to you and yours…


  3. Women not preaching! That is ridiculous. I say it’s about time to many Men and their personal bravado has gotten in the way of the word. Women loved Jesus and Jesus loves everybody that’s Men, Women and Children. Pastor Scott is the first Pastor I have ever seen that has a strong Holy Spirit understanding of Gods word and speaks of it from Gods point of view, not Mans point of view. I just started watching her Sunday preaching a few weeks ago and my knowledge and understanding is much greater than ever before. I really love the way she just goes deep into the word and teaches us how to have a spiritual life with God through Jesus Christ by using the WORD of GOD
    Any body who can do that is loved by God and blessed with the spiritual gifts of God to do the Job
    Thank you Pastor Scott for your bravery and dedication.

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