The Real Truth About Pastor Scott


Pastor Melissa Scott is the Pastor and teacher of Faith Center in Glendale, California where she conducts “live” services each Sunday at at 11am. Faith Center is famous for hosting the first, live Christian television broadcast in the United States. Her husband, the late Dr. Gene Scott, pastored the church from 1975 until his passing in 2005. Pastor Melissa Scott was ordained both by Dr. Scott and the Full Gospel Fellowship in the late 1990s and was appointed by her husband to take charge as Pastor immediately upon his passing. Pastor Scott has since earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity degrees in Biblical Languages along with a Ph.D. Now there are two Dr. Scotts.

Her teaching resonates best with Christians who place a high value on an intellectual study of the scriptures and for those interested in learning how to develop a true relationship with God. Her ministry is least suited for low-information Christians, entertainment seekers, those looking for a social  club or a safe-space to express emotional outbursts of zealotry. Think polar opposite of prosperity preachers and self-help gurus like Joel Osteen.

Critics of Pastor Melissa Scott

It’s often been said that if you want to go through life without any criticism simply do nothing and stand for nothing. Not unlike like other public figures who have taken a stand, Pastor Scott has her fair share of critics. and when you search for her on Google you will find a fair share of detractors. Most belong to the following camps:

1) Rabid secularists who in their zeal to “de-God” the universe attack her as they would anyone else who dares to set foot outside the intellectual prison walls of Evolutionary “group-think”.

2) Fundamentalist Christians who believe that women should not be allowed to teach in the pastorate. These are the same backward types who run countries where women aren’t allowed to drive much less speak on religious matters. Aware that this worn-out belief is still a stumbling block for those who have been wrongly taught wrong, Pastor Scott has addressed the controversy about “women speaking in the church” numerous times in her Sunday services as well as her weekly Festivals of Faith.

3) Ex-Members (Dr. Scott Groupies) Next, come the most ruthless and sadistic critics of all — the disgruntled ex-members of the church who fled after Dr. Gene Scott died in 2005. These people still harbor a strange fixation on the man and can still be found trying to wrest control of his copyrights, one recently cried on YouTube, “I want my Doc back!” It sounds bizarre to outsiders but the “Doc Groupies” are still out there angrily attacking his successor, Pastor Melissa Scott with accusations based for the most part on conspiracy theories and character assassination techniques.

Why the Ad Hominem Attacks?

So when surfing the web to find information about Pastor Scott, you will no doubt run across hit pieces, hate blogs, and forums full of the vilest sorts. The most popular tactic used is the ad hominem or personal attack. They make negative remarks on superficial topics such as her hair, what kinds of clothes she wears, or they obsess on her past life before she met Dr. Scott.

Most of what they fabricate about her past is untrue, but even if it were, her past would still pale in comparison to murderers like Moses or King David. If those biblical characters had to endure the scrutiny of our modern-day generation of Pharisees, they would all be disqualified from leading God’s people anywhere. King David would surely be expelled because of his adulterous affair with Bathsheba (not to mention the murder of her husband). Moses would have been disqualified for killing that Egyptian. And the great Apostle Paul would surely have to step down for his previous acts of persecuting of Christians and having them put to death.

Dr. Gene Scott

Ad-hominem attacks can be effective when trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator of society since the tactic is so often used in political campaigns it’s become commonplace. The abuse Pastor Scott has had to endure is similar to what Dr. Scott suffered he was alive. Few critics were bright enough to attack him on matters of intellectual efficacy or his ability to teach, so they instead focused on irrelevant matters or made-up scandalous gossip.

Likewise for his successor, whatever wild, maniacal tales have been concocted about her alleged past from all seem like red herrings to distract from the real issue: Can she or can she not teach the scriptures?

It’s all About the Teaching

For people who are solely interested in the study of God’s Word without all the fanfare, there is no better Bible teacher alive today than Pastor Melissa Scott. Christian Apologist, Dr. William Lane Craig is an excellent source for his insights on the logical fallacies in current atheistic thought. But when it comes to learning how to live the life of faith, you aren’t going to get better than the combined teaching of Dr. Gene Scott and Pastor Melissa Scott that plays 24/7 on her website.

Pastor Scott’s linguistic abilities (reportedly 26 languages) while impressive on their own are more than just braggadocio for personal accomplishment. It means that she can open up and interpret scriptures from the original Greek and Hebrew languages which is more than crucial in a modern-day world where too many preachers are running amuck pulling verses of scripture from incomplete or inaccurate English translations.Pastor Scott also conducts lessons in the Hebrew and Greek languages on her website.

Whether male or female, the world needs a pastor who is a real linguist — one with the discernment and abilities to truly and rightly divide the Word. Have a listen and decide for yourself.


    • Well would value a good thought out Bible related answer:) I am a what you would consider a fundamental Christian. No church or teaching so far has given a reliable answer to the woman teaching in church answer. I see what it says in the Bible.I also see the story where Paul goes to some town and comes upon a new believer teaching and speaking wrong. The town I believe where the woman had the church in their home. Anyway, Paul had the women take the man aside,privately, to educate him on the true facts and the real way to teach, but still no mention they taught in public. Only thing I see in the Bible is that women should not hold a authoritative position over men and how that relates to teaching the word is hard for me to grasp! being a pastor and teacher are two different things entirely. People do say we live in the times of today and back then things were different. yet, I am reminded of the verse where God himself says that he never changes and I would use that as a cautionary verse!That is just one of my many Bible questions I have! I would appreciate it if you did not assume I am filled with hate, for I am not, thank God! I would really like a good answer to this.Ben

      • Fair enough. Lots of people were taught that way and Pastor Scott has addressed it numerous times so I don’t belabor the point here. If you’re really interested in learning about it there are youtube snippets out there, but most of her comments about Women Speaking In The Church are embedded in other teaching messages.

      • H Ben Bundy i am appreciate your polite honesty. I am just seeing this but there is the scripture that says there is no male or female in Christ, nor jew or greek. Don’t know if it has been revealed to you about women teaching publicly at this time but just wanted to say there are quite a few scriptures regarding women being used by GOD. Debra the judge and Prophetess, Anna the prophetess, Esther, Moses wife Zipporah, Sarah, Mary proclaimed HE has risen making her the first Evangelist etc… GOD spoke through a donkey to rebuke a prophet HE can surely use women to teach 😉 Bless you.

      • “GOD” Has Chosen 2Use “Woman” throughout the “Bible”. The choice Is “HIS” ALONE.TRY listening 2 the Accuracy of what’s being taught from the “Bible” in its “PUREST” Form… & THANK “GOD” 4The Ministry…


      • The statement where God says he will never change. That statement is somewhat selfish. If we as people are expected to change our ways and seasons change. I believe an feel that GOD would accept the chang from man to woman delivering the Word, the scriptures accordingly. No matter if it’s man or woman. I believe GOD would not discredit, nor discriminate an individual for spreading the truth without prejudice. I believe GOD is color blind and equal to whomever delivers the scriptures in honest good faith.

      • I support Melissa Scott. Her true dedication to the Lord will prevail. She shouldn’t be discriminated for doing the LORD’s will.Her father would be proud of her endeavors. She is a CHOSEN WOMAN OF GOD. GOD BLESS her & family. Mia Valenzuela Morrison. Sioux Indian Woman of GOD.

    • Melissa Pastore refuses to disclose where she got her so called PhD. She growls out that it is none of your business. This just confirms that something is amiss. It also reveals a walled up insecure little girl hiding behind the bible and the pulpit. It is so sad to watch her reactionary disposition as she tries so hard to be a “pastor”when it is clearly evident that she is not even close to being a Pastor. She just does intellectual word studies in a classroom setting.

      • Well, thank you Sigmund Freud for the misguided analysis. An insecure little girl? Dr. Dickhead, if you actually have your doctorate, it’s obviously not in psychology, maybe pop-psychology.

      • many men are posting in their willful ignorant way she started after her husband died they have been preaching since 1976 watch what you say you have shown your self posting your hate and ingornance

  1. Jesus was not hung on the cross to die Jesus was murdered, by the Government of the day and in addition the church of the day.
    Consider that Jesus did nothing, he only did what the father told him to do, so in murdering Jesus the Son, The Father is blamed because he gave instructions to the son.

    • Dear Paul,
      Jesus wasn’t murdered.He Himself said’No one takes my life from me…’The Good Shepherd willingly laid down His Life for us,

    • Mr.”P”? Ignorance is NOT bliss… The “Sacrifice”, Not murder of the “Annointed1” The “Christ” Made it Possible 4Us “humans” 2Gain Access2 4Giveness. & 2Think,,, on the Front of the Christian Monastery in “Israel” the “Jews” called The “Christ” a “monkey”! & in the Babylonian “Talmud” they speak of Boiling “Christ” in “excrement”!!! 🙁 Those that “Christ” Spoke of,& Identified as the synagogue of “Satan”. The “edomites”, the FAKE “Jews”… Knowledge IS PWR… Pastor Melissa Scott is FULL of Knowledge, Wisdom,& thus “PWR”!! HOLY SPIRIT POWER!!! 😉

  2. God bless you Pastor Melissa Scott for your dedication to the Lord and teaching His word and truths! Also god bless those responsible for this wonderfully supportive blog on behalf of Pastor Melissa Scott! I am a long time FAN of her teachings! Many blessings in Jesus, Pastor Dr. Russell Rintelmann

  3. Jesus represents in Christianity the only pathway for this singular religion founded in Forgiveness. Without His death (by crucifixion) there could be no resurrection and no pathway to forgiveness. This understanding , shown by the thief who died with Him , set the stage for all others to understand why Jesus could not free himself from the cross. That thief’s logical understanding earned him Eternal forgiveness while the thief who mocked Jesus (for not saving himself ) would perish into the abyss of ignorant darkness. Jesus would die saying ” forgive them Father , for they know not what they do” . In those words spectators that day , and all of us to present day , received His special offer of Forgiveness. ” Ask and ye shall receive.”
    There could be no other way to live out this story to a rational end .

  4. Hi, not sure if you listened to the Ross & Carrie podcast about Pastor yet. It’s just littered with inaccuracies. I tried pointing them out on their podcast page but Carrie’s just getting defensive and they’re about to say bye bye and block me. If I post my article here will you post it? I’ve been diligent in pointing out their errors.

    Thank you.

    • Yes I will email you. We don’t normally post articles we don’t write, but if it’s good and accurate, I’ll post it. Started listening to the podcast but it was so wrong I had trouble getting through first few minutes. I’ll try to listen soon. Thanks.

  5. Hello, I love Pastor Scott and her teachings. I also noticed that her detractors were a ridiculous lot. But I have a question for you. After reading your post I am left wondering what biblical passages (as I think can be inferred from your statement) you think were incorrectly translated due to societal bias in the original King James? Thank you for any answer you can provide.

    • Any bible scholar can point out many errors made by the King James’ translators, some inconsequential, some more major. I’m not sure I ever stated it was due to societal bias? One bias held by English speakers in general is they dislike using the same word twice in the same sentence. So when translating the original biblical languages, they made word substitutions when the original writers had in fact meant to use the same exact word twice. That would be more of a “English” bias than a societal, patriarchal bias, though.

  6. I knew “Barbie Bridges” many years ago and I can say that absolutely they are not the same person. I don’t know where this girl has gone off to, or why she hasn’t had anything public to say about it. These two women are simply NOT THE SAME PERSON. Melissa Scott has an extremely distinctive voice (which the other certainly did not share). And Melissa Scott is very understanding about women in all kinds of situations and I would bet she would feel no shame in being very forthcoming about a past more salacious than whatever her background actually entails. I think the photoshopping has fooled a lot of people, and that even her supporters have been left wondering. It’s actually a real and different woman.

      • Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. But we are washed, sanctified, and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.

  7. YHWH Father God thank you for this one cleaving and teaching of you. Fill her in that office and those you have set beside her from glory to glory with the one true Ruach HaKadosh of you. No plateaus just up and up and up in your presence, that physiological unexplainable presence! Halelluyah! In Jesus’ Mighty name!

  8. Jesus confronts the religious mindset in the pharisees. Its the religious mindset that complicates by the toil and labor of things on the forfront of the mind when they are to come without conscious. Yes, the bribe of Satan depends on man becoming blind to taking that bribe through complications leaving the peoples dependant to Satan’s minion. The old testamwnt represents mans chldhood. The Father hold child’s hand and teaching the contrasting of good and bad behaviorial patterns and the conseqences. The short lapse in between the Testaments represent giving your teenage man space to initially apply the lessons as well as giving man a glimpse of himself on a trial run on his own. The New Testament represents man entering into adulthood and the Father showing up to man’s graduation. A Great Earthquake means it effects the entirety of whom or what the subject is. It signifies an entering into a new age for man. All the kingdoms that Satan attempts to Bribe Jesus are built only after that Bribe is taken and predestined to fall. Its extremely important to understand that fallen does not mean death. Pay close attention to ancient babylon. An unruly child fell on its buttocks but man unknowingly for the most part helped IT up and nurtured IT into adulthood meaning planetary wise, not limited to one region. Beast means in adult terms means an idea or concept to be left behind and sea means people. I apologize for my appearance of rambling but i cannot type or write as fast as what is being sent to me. Jesus is and always had and always will be the perfect selfless servant and the reflection is freewill that allows everything to exist knowing bad tempers good and bad receives death leaving life tempered to its fullest. Woe unto those who have the tendancy to ride coattails for your face will disappear into the abyss. Satan get behind thee. Hint

  9. Doc always said women could not be pastors according to Scripture. Even his own mother who was a spirit filled speaker of the Word could not be a pastor. So why did he in his last days go against God’s Word and give in to her demands be be a co pastor?. What did she hold over him to cause him to go back on his life long adherence to God’s Word? The truth is out there,for those who want to find it.

    • Dr. Scott always said he was a chauvinist and the church he Pastored was a “man’s church.” And after he met his wife, he said she was more of a man than any of the so-called staff people and greedy little wannabe pastors that were waiting in line to usurp his throne so to speak. The man knew exactly what he was doing and talked about why he appointed his wife to the pastorate. I don’t think you listen very well.

    • Judge by the fruit .This woman teaches the meat of the Word of God. I was in her church for a season and learned more she’ll ever know.She is strong,smart ,diligent and what blessed me so much is the she loves her flock.She is not pretentious .She is not after a following .She is after God’s heart to preach the gospel.
      “Your sons AND daughter’s shall prophesy”Doesn’t that mean speak forth the Word of God?Let go of religion.

  10. I listen to Pastor Melissa Scott. I believe she is accurate in her teaching and look forward to each Sunday service. I live in Abilene, TX and hope that one day I can be there in person, if God will make a way. Thank you Pastor Scott for your diligence in getting the Word out to those of us that are seeking the Truth.

    • Ya’ll come out from Abilene when you can! You’ll love being at a live service. How is Abilene Cooper doing this year? Did they make the playoffs?

  11. I am agnostic. I have been for the last forty five of my fifty years. I am a scientist by nature, not a person of faith. I do however truly enjoy Pastor Scott’ teachings, I have always been impressed by people that are fluent in multiple languages.

    Listening to her, watching her “dissect” a particular passage, looking at it from many perspectives including language, culture and history is truly fascinating.

    • Cool, so are a lot of us. People often confuse Faith with Belief. Belief is merely the starting point that must be reached before taking action. With Pastor Scott’s teaching, a lot of us don’t just “believe” for the hell of it. It’s only after hard study and lots of evidence being presented. Glad you’re watching.

  12. Pastor Scott
    Please have someone adjust your shortwave transmitter audio operating on 11775 kHz, from Anguilla Island in the Caribbean. It has heavily distorted audio, and has been operating this way for many months now. I would be ashamed to place such a transmitted radio signal on the shortwave bands. I suspect that the problem is a simple adjustment of the transmit audio control.

  13. I am a practicing Catholic but embrace all faiths. I am most interested in linguistic aspects of the Bible, especially root meanings which have various definitions across translations over the centuries. I find Melissa Scott’s studious approach astute, fervent, contemplative and illuminating. Bless your work, Pastor Scott!

  14. Wow! It was quite interesting to read this blog right after finding the gods angry man .com website. Complete night and day. My father was one of the OG old timers since the 70s and I grew up with his teachings and remember Sunday services watched on TV at the El Cerrito sunset view mausoleum. He passed in 1999 and I lost my opportunity to absorb everything he had learned following Dr. Scott for 20-30 years…. It’s so confusing finding so many different opinions on the internet, so I guess all I can do is go grab that box of VHS recordings of Dr. Scott’s teachings he had recorded and just watch them. The whole point of everything he believed in was going straight to the word, right?

    • For someone with thousands of hours of air time there were plenty of examples that Werner Herzog could have used. With Dr. Scott it was WYSIWYG. He didn’t hide his emotions or put on any fake airs. Herzog cherry picked the angriest footage he could find and presented the footage without proper context. If I had reality show footage of most people I could edit into fitting into any kind of slant I wanted. It was a gross misrepresentation. But secularists love that kind of crap so I’m sure they ate it up.

      And yes, he was a Word-based teacher.

  15. I just discovered Pastor Scott yesterday and and I in awe of what I have listened to so far. I also have been scouring the web and have found almost no negativity about her. That to me says something about her message. I am planning to attend the service this coming Sunday. Really looking forward to it.

    • Are you trying to be sarcastic? If you’re being sincere then good for you. But there are plenty of bad things said about her. Like Dr. Scott said, if you don’t have any enemies in life it’s probably because you don’t stand for anything.

      • I don’t remember you I was at the Cathedral right before they moved to Glendale as King’s House. I needed that’If you don’t have any enemies…”I’m finally coming out of a really tough background and every step forward is a war.Those who ‘knew me when…’just won’t give it up!But God is stronger.He has placed me in an awesome church where I live now but I have never forgotten Pastor Scott’s teaching and example of perseverance.

  16. I enjoy listening Pastor Scott. I have really benefitted from her knowledge of the of the word. I consider her more of a teacher than a preacher. What I mean is she is very sound biblically, but doesn’t speak much about repentance, conviction and the need to ask for forgiveness. Also I have yet to see her lead her congregation in prayer. I could be mistaken as I have not seen all of her archived services.

  17. First, I thoroughly enjoyed you blog on Melissa Scott and her rise to becoming the premier Bible scholar I have ever heard. I followed when I could programming that carried Pastor Gene Scott and marveled not only at his teaching, but how he navigated from pure genius to near insanity. I have NEVER seen any other church take up offering with caged go-go dancers while the song “Addicted to Love” was thundering. But one just could not debate the purity of the word of God being declared by Pastor Scott. I have no problem dealing with a little craziness. Our youth group once hosted a WWF at the time royal rumble with a WWF authentic championship belt as “the prize”. When the smock had cleared, a father and his two sons came forward and gave their hearts to the Lord. The father broke his drug addiction. God always blesses in spite of the method if done with honesty and purpose. I got that lesson from Pastor Gene Scott. You will never know how many blessings have resulted from Pastor Gene Scott’s unusual ministry. I am also aware of the dynamic teaching of Pastor Melissa Scott. How she articulates the Greek in her messages is an awesome thing to behold. Clearly she is gifted in communication and having the anointing in preaching/teaching. The issue of her background only impresses me all the more when viewing how exponentially she has ascended as “the” most prolific authority of the Bible I have ever seen. I don’t know if she ever does preaching/teaching off site, but I would be humbled and honored to know if she does guest appearances on Friday-Saturday to share her knowledge. I am unsure of the particulars of what she would require, but our church called Camden Assembly of God in Campbell, California would be delighted to host Dr. Scott in a “town hall format”. As you know there is a plethora of bad teaching being declared and there are also practices that would offend God being allowed in the Christian setting. Please advise me if this is a possibility so I can move forward.

    Yours in Christ,
    David McCaine
    Camden Assembly of God
    2275 Camden Avenue
    Campbell CA 95008
    (408) 371-3770 (church office)
    (408) 608-9045 (cell)

  18. I enjoyed your remarks and, most recently, heard a short YouTube clip of Melissa Scott teaching about the Westboro Baptist Church and Taylor Swift . (I believe the title had to do with them being in the “same boat.”) . I was rather impressed, to be honest., with her manner of presentation and surprised to be so. (Unfortunately someone only posted the first 9 minutes of the talk, so I may have to go to her website to hear the whole thing.) I remember Gene Scott from the mid-80s, from his TV programs, and found him mildly amusing. I even attended his church twice in Glendale. It was a VERY strange and rather spooky experience. Gene Scott, for those interested, was far from your average pastor. He was totally unapproachable and guarded. He had escorts who would lock the doors when he approached in his limousine. He’d enter the stage from a backdoor, speak for an hour or so, there was no music, an offering was taken (no surprise), he’d get a standing ovation, and then he’d exit the stage through the same door he entered from, and his “escorts”, with Scottish style hats, would lock the exits until his limousine left the “church” grounds. I remember wondering “ how can they could hold us hostage there until the master (Gene Scott) left. Not only spooky, but illegal. I heard it said once said if you want to learn about something or someone, just follow the money. If you follow the money as far as Gene Scott was concerned, it would lead you to a multi-million dollar mansion in Glendale and pedigree show horses. When his program turned to talk of nothing of substance but his paintings he’d sell for high prices and his show horses, I stopped watching. His widow is somewhat interesting, but I’ll have to listen to more to formulate an opinion. I have mixed feelings about his entire organization and find any legacy he left behind rather uninteresting. But, I’ll listen to Melissa Scott for what it’s worth.

  19. “Over 100 years of Historical-Critical Bible scholarship has revealed that the authors of the New Testament have diverging views about who Jesus was and how salvation works. The New Testament contains books that were forged in the names of the apostles by Christian writers who lived decades after Jesus, Paul, Matthew, and John, and all represented fundamentally different religions. Established Christian doctrines-such as the suffering messiah, the divinity of Jesus, and the trinity-were the inventions of still later theologians These are not idiosyncratic perspectives of just one modern scholar: they have been the standard and widespread views of critical scholars across a full spectrum of denominations and traditions. Why is it most people have never heard such things?”

    Excerpt from Amazon listing of Bible expert Bart Ehrman’s New York Times bestseller “Jesus, Interrupted”

    The bible that you think you know is is a fiction. This is a historical fact.

    • Haha, what on earth have you been reading? Or shall I say smoking? Oh, but he must be right because in closing he states “historical fact.”

  20. To Whom It May Concern:

    As a polyglot, I admire and recognize Melissa for her exception linguistic ability. It is what initially attracted me to her teachings. However, her teaching goes well beyond a mere clarification of Biblical text. She speaks from the heart. She knows that she is far from perfect. We all do. She has lived a life of challenges (and controversy), but haven’t we all? I try to love and accept those monsters who call her a witch, etc. Perhaps before casting their spells, they may want to take at least a quick glance at their lives.

    Melissa has help me fight my alcoholism! Thank you, Melissa! In a way, you’ve done nothing Melissa, except to steer me in the right direction. By the way, for you idiots that do not understand alcoholism, well, I don’t know what to say, “Hey, this Bud’s for you”, maybe you can handle it. I can’t. All I can say is be careful.

    God looks after all of us. Maybe if God isn’t watching you, maybe that (beautiful), albeit a witch, who inundates her with her Satanic symbols, is!

    God Bless you, Melissa!


  21. Debi, I too love to hear Sis. Scott. To be truthful, I listened the Dr. on several occasions, but couldn’t understand or get much from it. In fact, he seemed a little weird to me. But his wife is amazing, I love to listen to her, she is a real inspiration, for myself, as a minister. Thank you.

  22. Scott reminds me of my author correspondent who became an ordained minister who has a working knowledge of philosophy and journalism is able to apply these to her sermons. Some of her sermons echo her years operating in horror, though she struggled to find a readership because of the research that goes into them. I call her an academic on a faith based level if she’s able to combine Jungian psychology into the teachings, she’s far different from Osteen or similar.

    • Michael, Melissa refuses to answer that question which just confirms there is something wrong. She is just very snarky and defiant when anyone asks her about where she got her degrees. It sends up big red flags.

      • Dr. Dickhead. No you’re just looking for excuses not to participate. If she says she has her degrees then she has them. She’s got more character in her thumbnail than you have in the entirety of your sad-sack, walking corpse.

      • And when she finally discloses where she got her PhD from, you’ll go hunting for something else to mistrust her on. Predictable and pathetic.

  23. I am a fundamentalist Christian..have been since 1969. I have NO problem with a woman preaching or teaching as the Bible supports it…the edict that Paul issued about a woman “usurping” authority was for a local incident where women from the local pagan temple were coming in the Christian Church and taking over, teaching false doctrines…in addition the “women keep silent” deal was because they sat in the back and shouted to their husbands “what did he say” during the service..(read the whole passage)….Phoebe was a minister, Junia was an apostle and Priscilla was a pastor…my wife and I COpastor a local Baptist Church! and God mightily blesses it

  24. (1) Where did Melissa Scott earn her alleged college degrees: B.A., M.A., and
    Ph.D. Which diploma mill granted her the lambskins?

    (2) Can you please provide a complete list of the alleged 26 languages which Melissa Scott claims to have speaking knowledge of them?

    • I’ve only studied 3 languages under her, Greek, Hebrew and Ethiopic. The only 3 I cared about. Most Europeans I know speak 3 or 4 languages, so there’s 7 right there, but can’t help you with the others.

      The tone of your question sounds a bit accusatory though. I don’t know where she got her degrees from, however, I’m sure she’ll announce them when she feels like it. But I can assure you this is not a “Pocahontas” moment. If she says she has her degrees then she has them. However, that’s not why I listen to her. I could give a toss about academic validation. Can she divide the Word? That’s all I need to know.

  25. You people must be possessed to think that Melissa Scott is anything but an adulterous whore in the eyes of the heavenly father whom none of you seem to know. Her teaching is nothing more than empty litical letter of the law and it will do nothing for her or anyone who listens to her but Rob them of eternal life. She is not called of the Lord she stole her Ministry through guile. if I am telling the truth then you know you have sin which one of you can convince me of sin when the heavenly father commands us all to be holy

  26. Dear Beloved In Christ,
    Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. am so much encouraged with your nice work of God you do ,my friend i and my family we are so much happy i thank God to meet you in in the name of Jesus, i kindly request you to pray for my small church i started here in Kenya Africa to Grow and win my lost Souls to Christ. ,I pray our lord to open ways for you to visit me and the church members. here to Teach and preach the word of God, through your and your family our church and the community it will covered with the word of God, may God bless you. i hope to hear from you
    yours in his love Pastor momanyi

  27. @Spieler, your consistent ad hominems against anyone who disagrees with you demonstrate a juvenile attitude and the inability to deal with simple questions. Your trolling is just that…

    Anyone with a legitimate PhD would be proud to state where it is from and whom they worked under. She doesn’t and that is suspicious to anyone in academia. Her loyal subjects such as yourself don’t operate in that world, so you probably don’t understand why it is important. Bottom line, Doc had a PhD from Stanford and regularly reminded us of that..she should follow his lead. She won’t, however, because her degree is likely from some divinity school that is, for lack of a better terms, not reputable.

    This doesn’t mean she isn’t intelligent and knowledgeable. It’s an issue of character.

    • No, it’s not an issue of her character. It’s an issue of your fundamental lack of trust in Pastor Scott. When the truth about her degree is revealed and you’re group is proven wrong yet again, your fundamental lack of trust will cause you to go in search of another area to attack reminiscent of the way our drive-by media operates today.

      FYI, calling an “imbecile” an “imbecile” is not an ad hominem attack. It’s a statement of fact. Why would I spend more than 5 seconds on a person whose not going to “get it” anyway when simply pointing out the obvious fact that they’re an imbecile will suffice?

  28. I don’t believe for a minute that she has a Ph.D or that she has the ability to speak 26 languages. There is no way on God’s green earth that she received her doctorate. That takes years to achieve. Knowing her, she ordered her diploma online from some flunky outfit for $9.99. She might know how to say the word “God” in 26 languages, but that’s as far as it goes. I can’t believe these nit wits that follow her every word, while getting skunked by her. As they say, “There’s one born every minute”. That observation I do believe.

  29. I greet you in Jesus name. , I am happy to write to you and tell you that I was moved with what you teach in your web-site. I request you and your church ministry to extend your true teachings into our young fellowship here in Kenya. I really desire your mission covering ours and that you give us more directives in church planting and leadership.
    Many blessing in Jesus Name!
    happy to hear from you again.
    God bless you.

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