The Real Truth About Dr. Gene Scott

Dr. Gene Scott

Dr. Gene Scott served faithfully as the Pastor and teacher at Faith Center in Glendale, California from 1975 – 2005. Normally when someone dies, people say nice things about them. Even former enemies can usually find something nice to say. And this was true for the most part in the case of Dr. Gene Scott at his passing. But as media outlets regurgitated the story of his life, the same antiquated cliche’s kept popping up like: “Shock jock of TV evangelism”, or “wacky, late-night preacher…” And the same pictures of him wearing crazy glasses or funny hats were recirculated. This technique was used so consistently by the media, I figured it had to either be due to copycat laziness or that there was a deliberate effort being made to mislead the viewers.

Dr. Gene Scott’s Obituary

Journalists can be lazy like anyone else, and the quick and dirty way to knock out a story is just to grab what’s already out there on the web and change a few words around to “make it your story”. But the fact that so many news outlets focused on the sensational or the negative while totally disregarding the major accomplishments of his life made me wonder if a propaganda effort was indeed underfoot? Was Dr. Scott just another “wacky, late-night, TV evangelist” like they claimed?

The caricatures in these “swoop and poop” obituaries were not only severely limited in their scope, many were just outright wrong. The man earned his Ph.D. n philosophies of Education from Stanford University in 1957, so he was already far more intellectually advanced in the 1950s than the wacky, TV Evangelists of the 1980s that the media tried to lump him in with. And he used his intellectual skills to dig into the original Biblical languages to unpack God’s word for his students each week during his broadcasts. But with his great mind and his powerful oratory skills, the man certainly didn’t need to be a preacher. A tenured position as a university professor would have been the easy way to live out his life, but Dr. Scott had a burning desire to communicate God’s word even if it meant being hated without a cause or having to endure tedious insults from talking heads in the media who possessed half his brain power.

The Great Communicator

The news media called Ronald Reagan “The Great Communicator” for his oratory skills even if they meant it in a disingenuous, underhanded way. They were quick to heap sincere praises for Barack Obama’s oratory skills. Having heard all three men speak, I can safely say that Dr. Scott blows them away. He might start off a sermon behind the podium looking at his notes, but within 10 minutes, he would be stomping around the stage with a thundering voice just masterfully ripping a string of words. He could sound comedic, insightful, bombastic, learned, and full of righteous indignation all within the span of five minutes and without ever referring to his teleprompter! Had he chosen politics or business or any other field, his power with words alone would have seen him to the top of his profession.

Dr. Scott, Jesse Jackson, Mayor Willie Brown
Dr. Gene Scott, Merle Haggard, Mayor Willie Brown, Lod Cook, Mayor Tom Bradley

There will probably never be another speaker like him in our generation and few so far ahead of his time. He was unraveling the mysteries of Atlantis, UFOs, The Lost Tribes of Israel, the Pyramids, ghost stories and demonology (like the Amityville Horror) decades before the History Channel started delving into it. He routinely uncovered blatant, news media bias decades before Rush Limbaugh and Fox News began to make a living out of it. And he allowed gays in the church way back when it was taboo.

Church Freedom

Besides being the greatest Bible teacher of his time, he fought legal battles against a power hungry state to ensure that constitutional church freedoms remained intact and he was instrumental in getting the Petris Bill passed. He rescued Faith Center from financial collapse when he came in as a consultant in 1975. He rescued the historic United Artists Theater on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles — the beautiful Spanish Baroque treasure that Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks built back in 1919. At its peak in the 1920s, all sorts of Hollywood galas were thrown there. But it had fallen into serious disrepair and was little more than haven for crack addicts and gang members with its graffiti’d walls and urine-soaked alleys when Dr. Scott undertook the restoration project in 1990. It took a huge effort to bring it back to life, but after holding church services there for over a decade, the building is now home to the trendy Ace Hotel and fully restored to its former Hollywood glory with a bevy of Grammy and Oscar after parties being held there.

Dr. Gene Scott has also authored over 20 books (with more being published posthumously by his surviving wife, Pastor Melissa Scott), he served as president of the Full Gospel Fellowship from October 1975 to July 1984, and his philanthropic activities included: the Los Angeles Central Library Save the Books telethon; the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center; Rebuild L.A., and the Philatelic Foundation of New York. He has also logged over 1,000 hours of teaching that is being carefully restored and digitized by his wife and successor, Pastor Scott.

Just Another Wacky TV Evangelist?

Comedian Robin Williams made fun of Dr. Scott in a televised skit and writer Hunter Thompson derided Scott as a “late-night ferret” in one of his books. Ironically both would commit suicide when life got too tough for them. But Dr. Scott gutted out his last moments of life with faith in God. He battled pancreatic and other forms of cancer that had spread through his body insisting he fight his way to the podium for his final Sunday to preach God’s word as he had faithfully for most of his adult life.

Classic Dr. Gene Scott

But never mind all this positive fluff. The newspapers call Dr. Gene Scott just another wacky, late-night, TV Evangelist and they must be right. They always are, after all. Thank God the media can do our thinking for us so we don’t have to. Now we can all mentally file Dr. Scott away in a neatly packaged category — wacky — without ever having to research the man ourselves.


    • DOES ANYBODY HERE realise this guy lived in a 15 million dollar mansion? I was 12 years old when i was watching a guy smoke and drink alcohol cussing at me to send money, CUSSING.This guy was rich from all you idiots sending him your bank of America account number hoping GOD would take notice.LMAO at the fools who believe in this guy ( oh….he was smart all right )

      • You know, Brian, jealousy is really ugly thing and that, more than anything, is what we’re hearing loudest in your little post: that you’re jealous.

      • I’m glad that somebody else realize that this guy was set up by Satan in a religious form. He talked more about pyramids then anything. Did he marry another man’s wife and divorces his and he probably couldn’t even consummated his marriage with Melissa but she is a very manipulative an opportunist woman. I cannot wait till judgment day

      • Dear Brian

        That $15m mansion was a $3m mansion when he bought it (and gave it to the church). He is dead and the church owns it. Also, we willingly gave money to buy that property then called “Secret 1”. He did not live there until later in his life after he sold “Doc’s Pad” in Pasadena (on Madeline). The proceeds from that sale went into church properties that the church now owns as well. Dr. Scott had no heirs other than the Church and none of those properties are in his wife’s personal property records.

      • Brian, you clearly missed the part where Dr.Scott said if I have TAUGH you you owe me a debt.PAY what you think it’s worth.If you are deaf dumb and blind that’s not my problem.
        It occurs to me something the Pastor said the highest pay should go to the best teacher. I guess you won’t understand that either.

      • No, I was a member and Voice of Faith at the time of the early secrets, as well as on staff for a while. I have no archives to speak of, just some tapes that I have had a very long time.

  1. I enjoyed and benefited from his videos through 2005. He was a money grubber and often dictatorial but I watched anyway. He was correct that the SF Bay area was taken by evil. Homosexuality, Marxism and greed ruined a city. I’ve watched the ruination of CA by criminal trespassers and others larcenously looting the state’s tax base and the workding class people who continue to pay the bill. S. CA is a multiplicity more normal a land to live in than what S.F. Bay area has become. From the Golden State to the anti-Christian and anti-American center of the USA

    • When did Dr. Scott ever speak out against homosexuality? He allowed gays in the church, but you wouldn’t know because you were never there. Be clear, those are your words not his.

  2. This poor man was mentally ill and never got the proper treatment(probably schizophrenia)! All that surrounded him were like little piggy’s sucking off of his financial teats! Enablers one and all, this man needed an intervention!! Shame on his “wife” who is wringing every last penny out of Scott’s misguided work!

    • Probably schizophrenia? Wow, nice diagnosis from a simpleton unschooled in anything…much less psychiatry. Dr. Scott’s wife has saved the ministry and been engaged in a 10-year clean up and restoration mission. Of course you wouldn’t know because you’ve been too busy sitting on your ass playing armchair quarterback. Forget the Bible, get a beginners psychology book so you won’t look like as much of a jackass as you did in your last post.

      • Spieler sounds just like Gene in the tone and demeanor of the one he is defending, The more you write “Dahmeaner” you get. Why is his first and second wife never mentioned or seen with Gene ever? Why are they never seen in public or photographed with Gene?

        • Good God what a bunch of freaks you are. This is a new one. Why is he never shown with his ex-wives? Hmmm…let me think about it. Probably because they were no longer in his life during that time period? I don’t know of anyone, public figure or not, who goes around plastering pictures of their ex-wives around. What do you suggest, photos in the office, bedroom, boardroom, or TV programs? Are you touched?

  3. I loved Dr Scott and I learned so much from him. I still miss him and would love to go to the table of the Lord with him one more time.

    • I did too, his teachings on the stars and the pyrmids! Learned alot from him. Didnt know he allowed gays in the church. Trying to find his thought on that but all and all he was someone who taught more than many will ever know. His teachings on the stars has helped me to understand the Revelation 12 September 23 2017.

      • We’re all sinners being saved by Grace was Dr. Scott’s position. He didn’t care about people’s backgrounds or which particular “sin” they were committing. He believed people could be changed from the inside with the workings of God’s spirit, not legalistic will power or outward “Christian” behavior for appearances sake. So, yes, gays were welcome in the church but he didn’t put them on a pedastal. They were sinners like anyone else.

        • but he did put women on a pedestal and what happens to Christine anyway, I liked her role as the silent humble producer?

  4. I really enjoyed watching his wacky fundraiser of a show. I use the word “wacky” becuz that’s what I read other news media people saying and I worship the news media and totaly trust ’em. Also licked the videos he would play of him and all those hookers he had on the front row. I ASSumed they were hookers ’til I offered ’em some money and one of ’em slapped me across my greasy face. Damned if she didn’t. Called me a filthy pig and a fat c***sucker. I only weigh 310 lbs but am big boned not fat! I go to Calvary Chapel in orange county now its much better. No stupid broad there ever calls me a fat prick or anything like that and I only have to throw a buck in the offering plate now again when my car washing biz is going well. Toodaloo you suckers keep wasting your money!

  5. First of all genes wife is not a minister. She cant be because shes a
    Woman. Paul told timothy “he is to
    Be the husband of one wife”

    • OMG you are an absolute genius. Thank God you informed me of that or I would be going straight to hell for listening to a woman!!! I think you’d do better as a muslim why don’t you convert I’m sure you’ll be most popular out in the backwoods with your hajib.

    • I’ve been a born again, spirit filled, bible believing Christian for 43 years. Studied the Word in the original languages,taught,intercession,read books on over 1000 denominations,book of mormon, pearl of great price, doctrines and covenants.quran….writings of Josephus, list goes on….

  6. Hi I am encouraged by the work of Pastor Melissa Scott unfortunately her detractors are doing there best to destroy her work. But God will win !

    • Yes HE will. As long as Satan is alive and well there will be new weeds popping up. We’ll just keep figuratively knocking their heads off until the Lord takes us home.

  7. I do not consider myself religious, or even Christian , by most definitions, but I used to enjoy listening to him on the radio.I believe in much of the “mystical” and paranormal subjects he used to discuss, and shared his disdain for “Fun-Damn-Mentalists”. As well as flambuoyant, he was a sincere good person. My wife wrote to him and asked him to help her pay for a catarract operation. Her medicaid came through and she didn’t need the help. But her doctor told her that Scott had contacted him and offered to pay for the operation. R.I.P. Dr Gene Scott. I wish it was possible for him to broadcast from where he is now, He would still be telling the Fundamnmentalists how wrong they were. He might even have his gospel .band play the “Asshole Song” for them.

    • His teaching is still available 24/7:

      It’s more along the lines of basic Christianity though so not sure you’d be interested. The “Mystical” stuff was fun I enjoyed it as well but it attracted a lot of dingbats like Patrick Robinson, Easley, and other freaks that we’re still dealing with. Can’t seem to shake those barnacles once they attach to the side of a moving ship.

  8. I’m a pastor’s kid raised in a conservative Pentecostal church. I’ll never forget the many nights dad would have Dr. Scott on and we would be alternately laughing or impressed with his intellect. Then he’d say “play it again!” and that quartet would sing I Want To Know. Ha! Dad told me that Gene was a brilliant rising star in our denomination, but got badly burned by leadership when his dad was poorly treated.

    I did catch a few of his later sermons after I myself returned to Jesus from a period of wandering. A brilliant man, and open hearted communicator. I wish I could have met him.

    Several years back I was pleasantly surprised to catch his wife Melissa filling the pulpit. She was awesome. It came on at an unusual time on Dish. Since we started having kids we dropped satellite. Hope all is well with the ministry down there.

    This past Easter I reread his Resurrection message. It had been posted online somewhere and I’ve kept it for years. Great stuff.

    Thanks for posting this page!

    • Hmmm…surely it’s some grandiose conspiracy theory. I would guess that George Soros has hijacked this blog and is now writing as The Spieler.

    • I loved Dr.Scotts way of showing what the holly bible is really attempting to relay to mankind . Many a nights I would make it home from work, and in those days that was about the only broadcast that was on the TV…lol As a single parent of four , and alone in my struggle to provide for them he, Dr.scott gave me hope for the future ..He was an inspration to me and my sons . He was lightyears ahead of most Pasters .. He was delightful …He turn me on to all the great books like Zacrey Sitchens The 12 Planet ,Starway to heaven , Wars of god and man . He was very intertaining ,in that he made worship and the mundane and boring church service interresting for,average man like me .. I grow up in a hardshell baptist church at a very young age ..I hated it … Simpley because it frighten me to no end . And made me afraid to go to sleep at night … I didnt want my chrildern to be esposed to that fear, so we stayed home on sunday ..maybe go fishibg or something.. But Dr. Scott changed all that for me and my young family .. We missed him when He departed … Dr.Schott Thank you for sharing your wisdom we miss you… Love for ever ..P/s. I have great respect for a father figure whom has a good taste for a good Cigar … Brother paul …✌

  9. Dr. Scott was a genuine witness for God. Yes, I watched him during his bizarre days and through the cigar smoke and videos of his wife riding a horse I heard the Gospel. He always preached the gospel as does his wife who followed him in the pastorate. There is more than one way to present the Gospel. He ran the gamut of varieties. My favorite was his preaching using his black (or white) board to explain things in the Bible by using his amazing knowledge of languages, some current and some ancient. I know he is in Glory with our savior Jesus Christ, He won’t need to preach there, but I am hoping there is a school in heaven where he can teach. When I get there I will be on a front seat in his class. – Philip Hudson

  10. More than anything, I appreciated being able to dial up and get free notes on intriguing topics Dr.Scott intelligently and skillfully talked about. I copy-pasted to save his website images of his museum which are no longer available online. I’m blessed to have views of the world’s largest private collection of the Bible in his day and some years after. It is a visual historical account of the written Bible since 200 bc.

  11. Thanks for sticking up for the underdog.Dr Scott was perhaps a bit strange and unorthodox but I m sure the same was said about Jesus Christ.As a child,I watched Dr Scott on television and many times he made more sense than the teachings I received as a Southern Baptist.I had forgotten about him for many years but he suddenly popped into my mind this evening.Perhaps Dr Scott has something to teach me today. R.I.P Dr Scott.

  12. I studied with Scott 1984 – 2005 and I don’t ever remember him prejudiced against homosexuals I believe Scott taught unconditional love Grace unmerited favor to any extent you earned it is no longer Grace

  13. Enjoyed the man: on point; thought provoking. He expressed God as well as any man could; he did not fear the truth of God nor did he bow to p.c.. He was a mans man in the Biblical sense.

  14. I have studied the Bible most of my life because I love The Lord! I have never known a Bible teacher like Dr. Scott who does not embellish scripture with His doctrine, but, teaches where it came from, what it means in the language and customs of the times, and reveres Jesus and His Father like I do. I never heard of him until Jan.2017 and I only wish I had his messages in writing!
    I have mentioned his name to a few friends and all response has been negative. My response is, he is a brilliant teacher, the deepest Bible Scholar I have ever listened to and I can sense a Living Spirit of My Living Lord in his lessons.
    Pastor Melissa, I appreciate that you are keeping his sermons and teachings alive and I have seen a few of yours, and especially loved your Lord’s Supper(Communion) teaching which I tried to save but it was gone when I got back to it. I pray for you and support you when I can.
    Yours in Christ

  15. I have never experienced, whether in my lifetime or in my awareness of recent history, a time when intellectual life seemed so comatose.

    Both here in America and in Europe, bright and innovative, original thinking seems either dead or dying. Dull and thudding slogan thumping has taken its place; and, even the once hallowed halls of academia teach from the little red book of acceptable points of limited view.

    This is particularly frightening when it comes to our relationship with our creator. A serious study of Divinity has few takers; and, among Christians, the tossing about of memes and slogans like “are you saved” or “do you attend mass” is all that remains of a pursuit that once was a science akin to physics. (You are saved, by the way, when you tow the party line of your questioner.)

    Judaism saved itself (partially) because it had a long tradition of painstaking and meticulous scholarship. So much so that intellectuals like Maurice Samuel (in the 1920’s) came to disbelieve that Christians and Jews could ever relate to each other or get along.

    By the 1960’s Christianity in Europe had almost completely died out except as an adjunct to the social system, managing to survive via state funding and not requiring belief in God.

    Hard core, mostly black churches, in America fought back against such trends, rejuvenating and often reinterpreting the faith. Then, a Stanford alumni with a doctorate in the Philosophy of Education, Dr. Eugene Scott, brought academia back into the game. He presented his message as an entertainment offering.

    It makes you really wonder about predestination; but some people can recognize truth like homing pigeons, no matter what it’s hidden under. It takes a lot to make people think. DR. Eugene Scott got it done with his University Network.

  16. Dr Scott and i met while he was teaching Philosophy at Evangel college
    way back in 1964.
    This man took me by storm more than any other Teacher
    We became great friends
    I traveled to Oroville Ca to study under his teaching this man shaped my Faith
    He was my father in the Faith no man outside of Christ had more influence in my life than Gene Scott

  17. I would wish to say I have learned a great deal from Dr Scott , on the short wave from 1992 to the early 2000 years I would listen intently to his teachings of the stars the pyramids atlantis and science and histories. this man Dr Scott was a teaher world wide teacher to all those who could not attend universities with naroow minds. He opened my mind up and taught me so many things. Dr Scott did not know nor the church that I Anthony am ans was his student . if God would allow I would follow in Dr Scotts shoes and boradcast to the world the message of Jesus Chirst and the ways of God and bring the world all at once knowledge of his his Son Jesus who will return to earth one day. There is not manhy teachers like Gene Scott and I am honoured to had him as my teacher in life , I was given no degree no honors but I have the knowledge that he had helped me to know . May I use the knowledge for good and maybe one day even to one person help them know the great things he taught .

    Always wish I could hear you again on the shortwaves teaching around the globe. I felt i was part of something very great .

    Anthony Mokelkie

  18. Thirty four years have passed from the day Dr. Scott walked up to me in the lobby of King’s House #2 on his way to his chair in studio informing me to get with Mike Rodriguez, and his decision to hire me as an intern. My time first as a volunteer, and subsequent position as intern, were the most influential days of my life to date. I’m 57 years young now, and at 23 years old, God grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, picked me up and set me down in the middle of what I can only describe as a combination of a hurricane – tornado – earthquake, and said “Hears where I want you for now, PAY ATTENTION !”
    Over the years, I’ve recorded memory of events of my time with “Doc”, and from time to time consider writing a small book titled ” Confessions of an Intern.” With subtitle of “Growing up in the Faith.” A day doesn’t go by that I don’t talk to “Doc”, and every morning when setting my face to confront the days challenges, I verbally proclaim “Good Gobs of Gronsky, Doc.” Thank you Doc, and thank you Pastor Scott and all of you who keep the fire burning.

  19. Dr Scott really what can I say I was 23 he was 35 when he came to Evangel College
    I was a student in his philosophy class
    , The Lord had raised me up from a death bed in 1962 in 64 I found myself in Dr Scotts class, we became friends I would drive him to the airport to catch his flight I got to know him on a first name basis
    Gene became the father of my faith 2 years in Oroville Ca I spent studying under him the foundation of faith that i live out today can be credited to Dr Scott
    Gene was truly a resonance man I deeply miss him

  20. I just saw this website and I figured I mosey around on it for a while. I came across a post from Pam Wyatt from March 2017 where she wrote that Gene’s wife cannot be a Pastor bc the Word says she can’t. She quoted a verse to back up her claim. Then right below her post someone named Spieler ( I guess he’s the site moderator?) chided her with ridicule but did not provide any text proof to back up his mockery. The Scriptures seem pretty clear to me that “woman is not to have authority over a man”. I do believe in Pure Grace and that any work added to or used to achieve salvation is useless. (It is all finished by the work of our Savior Jesus Christ). And I know we are free to live in the individual paths that God has ordained … and that sinful living will be influenced through gratitude and change will come as we realize who we are in Christ. But I feel scorn for brethren who disagree with Scripture is not a liberty we should partake in… especially since no counter Scripture text was offered.

  21. I can remember Dr. Scott doing his best to save this “Jesus Saves” sign from the downtown L. A. Church of the Open Door, which was quite Noble of him. The Pastor of the Church of the Open Door had dumped that sign where businesses dump signs that are no longer wanted for whatever reason. I remember that sign having worked downtown and it was a Great Testimony to have such a sign on top of a church building for Everyone to see back in the 60’s & 70’s. But when the Pastor of that Church vacated and moved outside of the city he did not take the sign with him & Dr. Scott wanted to buy it from Pastor Cocoris (I think his name was). Comoros was stubborn & would not help Dr. Scott in obtaining that Precious sign. Since then Cocoris died first, then Dr. Scott. I have no doubt Pastor Cocoris will be Repremanded by our Lord when he stands before Him for not continuing the “Jesus Saves” sign spreading His Name throughout the City to See! Incidentally, around 2008 I had moved to Monrovia and I thought I’d take a drive along a road that hugged a hill above San Gabriel Valley and lo and behold I came across where the Church of the Open Door had moved! So I parked my car and went into the Church Office. As I was looking around at all the Church photos and memory icons placed there it included a photo of the “Jesus Saves” sign. The young lady behind the desk and I had a discussion about it. It went something like this: “Dr. Scott did not win in getting that sign but our Pastor did”. My response was (I had the Last word & criticism before I left was), “Don’t You understand my dear, apparently Rev. Cocoris didn’t, that the Sign was Not about either one of the Pastors but about Jesus! So in so Not doing the proper thing, Rev. Cocoris schlepped Jesus by not letting His Sign continue throughout the Land”. As I walked out the door. Yes, Dr. Scott was a unique Preacher, I will say that. And appeared wild to to the mild crowd, but he got God’s Word Out to those of Us Who a Listened.

  22. Dr Scott was there for me during very dark days and poverty. Our house burnt of fire. my father ended in hospital and passed away from stroke right after. i was left alone with burnt out house the city wanted to demolish in getto land. I survived with no help from government agencies.i rebuilt that old house with nothing in my pocket . Through my trials and hardships there was Dr Scott on the shortwave radio teaching me the Bible. on old shortwave set i got for nothing and had repaired. I had no chance go to university to learn. I came from poor family and had nothing . Only God looked after me and Dr Scott taught me on the radio for over 12 years. People can say what they wanted of him but he was my teacher and still is. if i can be 10 percent of him I be happy if I can spread that to others. Because of him I kept learning and learning and still learn read books and more books. Nothing i had to send him but he gave me so much just by being there in my poverty and when I was all alone with no one. he reached out to the world and I felt i was not alone but with group of the church around the earth as a congregation. i gave to people poor and down trodden here in my city . if you brother ask bread will you give him a stone ? If I could I would go to California go to the church of Dr Scott. knowing all have sinned I could never keep the law and only faith and love would bring me out of my sinful state. Paulinist as he taught. I listen to Dr Scott even unto this very day. There is no teacher like him . We all could learn much from him he was my professor my teacher my companion during very many dark days. He never knew me but I called in during the shortwave broadcasts when he was on live . You always live on as my bible teacher. I walk in the steps you laid out Gene. I was part of his congregation and there was no other place i rather of been than listening to his teachings in evening and at night huddled by the shortwave radio. if God sent me to learn from him and maybe one day God can use that in me to also help teach others to do His Gods good work . if I am ever called up before Kings and Princes of the lands I am sure Dr Scott words be on my mouth .


  23. sorry i didn’t get to hear any of the great teaching over the years. whenever i heard gene scott over the decades, on tv radio internet, it was him talking about how he was under attack by establishment. talking rough about giving money to the ministry. his horses, and other material things displayed. using salty language while attacking what he disagreed with. i was blessed by the ministry of dave wilkerson who i heard around the same time over the years. dave wilkerson didn’t brow beat people about money,and his ministry to this day is copy wright free, not spending millions to protect intellectual property. i have learned from the bible, and personal experience to judge nothing before the time 1cor.4:5. the things that i have witnessed and heard of people doing and saying in the name of God amazes me sometimes. the treasure is indeed in earthen vessels…..the glory and excellency is of God and not man. Jesus saves in spite of man, ask adam, in the beginning i’m sure he would agree.

    • Well, you didn’t hear any great teaching over the years because you had your head inserted inside some dark orifice. You obviously got your panties in a wad somewhere along the line and now cherry pick through your feeble memory scratching up negatives to define the man’s legacy with. Nice try but doesn’t fly.

  24. I was so greatly PRIVILEGED to have had Dr Scott as my professor
    I was a student in his philosophy class in 1964
    We became great friends, I would pick him and take him to the airport
    We would spend time with him inside the Airport he liked to dip his ice cream in his coffee , he said don’t tell any body, Yrs following I did an internship in Orville Ca at the wescott Christian ctr, Dr Scott shaped my faith his teachings gave to me the foundations for the Christian faith. I am now 77 years old when I look back I was only 23 when I met Gene He changed my life forever.. Gene I am looking forward to seeing you along with mom scott and your dad Ted The Lord bless you through out the ages to come Christ be the Glory

  25. So glad I was turned on to Dr. Scott in the 1980’s then got to attend his church in Los Angeles on a regular basis after 1998. I was telling my fiance’ just a little while ago about how much I learned from him. His teaching on the Lord’s Table undid a ton of guilt concerning unworthiness that I had learned in the Baptist Church. The man was an amazing teacher and speaker. Man there were times going to his church where upon leaving the building, I felt nothing but spiritual and emotional freedom and exhilaration because of the sermon and the music I had just heard! I think he set a LOT of people free from the terrible burden of guilt instilled by the fundamentalist churches and their unscriptural sermons. I will never forget him for setting me straight on things and teaching the glory of God’s Holy Writ. “Forever O Jehovah Thy Word is settled in Heaven”! Rest In Peace, Dr. Scott.

  26. I first found Dr Scott on the old UHF channel 38 back when I lived in the Bay Area back in 1984. At first, I thought he was just a very entertaining TV preacher but, as I continued to watch and listen day after day I realized that he actually knew the bible and knew what he was doing. I attribute Dr Scott’s teachings of the Word Of God to my being saved.

  27. From his teaching–and not necessarily his example–I learned from Dr. Gene Scott that “Christian” is NOT a noun, it’s an adjective. You don’t become “a” Christian, you take on a life and behavior that *is* Christian. You aren’t saved by your faith *in* Christ, you’re made worthy by exhibiting the faith *of* Christ, which means identifying so completely with the Godhead that you are willing to show the way, even through torture and death, to our own divinity. The way of the Cross is a continuing transformation, not a school lesson, and Dr. Scott never struck me as a person who was up there to say “be like me.” He was up there to say “be like Jesus.” For that, respect.

    • Thank you, Jack. I have never before heard that explanation of how one is saved, that it’s by having the faith of Christ and not in Christ. This seems to be the opposite, though, of what Pastor Melissa Scott teaches, where the entire basis is belief in the resurrection.

  28. In the winter of 1982 I first heard the signing off of a worship service on a cheap flimsy plastic radio in my Pleasant Hill, Ca. rented apartment. “That was Dr Gene Scott from The Kings House….” He had only said a few closing words that captured my heart and spirit. I grabbed that radio, shook it and shouted out “WHO was THAT?” Then in 1984 I was in Novato, CA in another rented apartment. Long story. I was standing ,leaning against my rough-textured rented chair. On my rented TV, I saw this bearded man in a funny hat smoking a cigar. I watched and listened for only a few minutes. Then I shouted out again,”That is HIM, the one I heard in Pleasant Hills in 1982.!!!That is the man who knows the Jesus I know.” Forever after that day I had HIM on T.V. on a 6 1/2 foot dish that was given to me. My husband hauled that dish to every construction site we lived on in the western states. At each site someone would come off of the streets and tune it free. I also had Doc on shortwave until he died. As many of you know, Doc sent a representative to Russia with a million dollars in a brief case. The money bought time so he could broadcast off of The Kremlin Tower. That set in place, I had Doc keeping me safe, teaching me faith via shortwave in 2000 when I was in Finland. Wonderful teacher Doc. I still have him on cassettes that were given to me. The cassettes are dozens of messages Doc sent free to a fellow Kings House when she was out in “the wilderness”. As Doc taught, “FAITH IS ACTION, BASED ON BELIEF, SUPPORTED BY CONFIDENCE.” Out of the hundreds of people I see, and know, me and only one other Kings House knows and lives by that truth. I am pleased to find this site.

  29. Its a great joy to know you and discover the common goal and vision you are doing for the poor and need ones in the communities around the world.We request you to affiliate with us here Kenya and welcome you to visit our ministry .Again we request you that you pray for us we also take care of 11 orphan children under our ministry they need your compassionate love by food ,clothes and schooling.I trust and believe in God He is able to make us join hands to spread His word.I am pastor of a small church here Kenya do reach the sexually abused,abandoned and the handicapped ones that is why i request you for your daily prayers.May it please touch you and your friends to extend your love to reach us .Thank you for your love and care we also love.May our good God help you as i look forward to hear from you.

    Pastor Anthony.

  30. He was a goofball, but he was a great teacher. God bless him, Melissa, and all who have and will visit this page. I ask that God fill our hearts with His Holy Spirit, and drive out our anger and ill will and sinful nature. Enter our lives and lead us into His light and kingdom. Thank you God for your love, and your Son, and Spirit. Thank you Jesus for your unmeasurable love and your sacrifice for this unworthy world. Amen

  31. I listened to Dr Gene Scott for years. I gathered most of the notes from his teachings. I even got my father to watch Dr. Scott. He became on of my dads favorite speakers to listen to. I EVEN after many years got the miss understood line to the song, “I WANT TO KNOW.” “IF l’M TAKEN TONIGHT UP TO HEAVEN , THAT’S ENOUGH FOR ME TO KNOW.” I truly enjoyed the man and his teachings.

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