The Battle To Protect Dr. Gene Scott’s Copyrights

Dr. Gene Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott came out swinging during this Sunday service as she brought to light a lawsuit that’s being played out behind the scenes to protect the legacy of her late husband, Dr. Gene Scott and his body of work.

There have been so many rumors and mischaracterizations spreading around the internet, it was nice to finally hear the truth of what’s been going on. More to follow…


  1. My name is Dennis Wingo and I was directly involved in helping to extend and preserve Dr. Scott’s legacy while he was still alive. I was on staff multiple times and a volunteer for many years. I can say with 100% conviction that Dr. Scott did not release his copyright either by intent or neglect. I worked in the computer room when audio versions of the Sunday services were converted to digital file types and placed on Dr. Scott’s website. I may not agree with the reasons that they were removed from the site after Dr. Scott’s passage, but that is between Pastor Scott and God.

    I stumbled upon the facebook group that was run by the guy that is suing Pastor Scott and at that time I really wanted (and still do) to see the entire corpus of Dr. Scott’s teaching released to the world as he intended with his idea of the Pauline Institute. I even contacted the fellow and they wanted an affidavit stating that Dr. Scott released the copyright. I could not do that affidavit as this was not his intent at all.

    After watching that video where Pastor Scott discusses the early days of what happened, it is my opinion that she was misled by some people around her regarding pulling the Sunday services that were online at the time. Be that as it may, and as much as I think it would be hugely beneficial to the world to have all of his teaching out there, it is between her and God.

    I will say that I truly think that Dr. Scott’s teaching and ministry’s best days are ahead of it, not behind. His communicating of God’s word has lost none of its power and when one day the entire corpus of his teachings are online and the Pauline Institute is operational, I strongly feel that in the very last days it will be that steering voice that he always talked about. It may have been God’s plan to have the man out of the way in the day that the message would have its greatest power. Just as Paul committed his teaching to God when he was in the prison in Rome, Dr. Scott’s teachings on tape have also been recommitted to God under Pastor Scott’s stewardship.

    I said this before in other forums but almost ten years ago I purchased the pauline and other related domain names. They are her’s for the asking at the time when she is ready to set that up… No cost, no conditions…

  2. I’m no stranger to the Scott ministry. My parents were both watchers of Dr. Gene Scott’s programs. My dad left the ministry after Dr. Scott’s death, he wouldn’t listen to a woman pastor. I don’t watch the Scotts either and I’m not religious. However, my mom stayed in the ministry and still listens to Melissa Scott.

    At the urging of my mom, I watched this program: “The Battle to Perpetuate the Legacy of Dr. Gene Scott”. She said these legal proceedings would interest me. Boy was she was right!

    This action reads like a John Grisham novel; with cases being dismissed on all sides, appealed, a dismissal reversed, a judgment is rendered, all parties are back in the appellate court, and now headed back for trial. Meanwhile Robinson is narrating the actions in his FUMS series of videos, accusing Scott of a wide range of misdeeds. Interesting does not accurately describe this action. “Riviting” is the word I’d use. 

    This blog is my review and conclusion of these proceedings. It’s meant to raise questions and cause discussion. Sound off below. Please keep questions and discussion relevant to the current action.

    • Moses, I read your blog review and I’d like your permission to post it as an article on this blog if that’s okay? I haven’t followed the lawsuit that closely and I suspect many others haven’t either, but your article poses many interesting questions. I’m sure most people only see Patrick’s bogus claims of victory on YouTube.

      I do allow guest posters here from time to time if they can write well and make good points. You have done both. Please let me know! Cheers.

  3. did dr scott say we could copy n share or not numerous times? why was mrs scott in such a hurry to copyright tapes during the trials? i never listened or watched mrs scott so i have no first hand knowledge of her evil thoughts in doing so and then leading to lawsuits without warning. this couldve been handled with just a simple letter instead of dropping bombs on gods poor old people!

  4. The truth as spoken by Dr. Gene Scott.


    In a public statement recorded on video of Dr. Gene Scott, Doc makes a definitive statement that taking his teachings (videos, audio, etc.) off the Internet is not a crime unless you are selling his material.

    Melissa Scott, her employees and supporters, have tried repeatedly to censor and suppress the video of Doc making his statement.

    They have tried repeatedly to keep the truth from your eyes. They are not going to do so. They are not going to win. They are not going to control what you hear and see.

    What do they fear? It is obvious that they fear the truth and what the truth will do to them and their false and malicious claims.

    Here is a transcription of Dr. Gene Scott’s exact words, word for word, taken from the video in question. No word has been left out as he spoke them to his congregation and stated that downloading his files was not a crime;

    [VIDEO AUDIO BEGINS]; Gene Scott speaking;

    ‘Where are my glasses?’

    ‘Right here.’

    ‘Plagiarizing is a federal crime.’

    ‘I noticed he has copyrights at the end of his program.’

    ‘And I…listen to John Hagee complaining a few weeks ago that his people, his listeners, were stealing, cause he paid so much for air time and he sells his messages and they were taking them off the TV…which um, all of them take my stuff of the Internet, and um, that’s really not a crime unless you try to reproduce it and sell it to someone else.’

    ‘But plagiarizing is an…’ [VIDEO AUDIO ENDS]


    >> Important points made by defense attorney Linda S. McAlee….

    In the briefing before the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court, Linda [attorney for the defense] made this important point crushing Melissa’s Scott’s claims…

    “Here there was encouragement to share, to copy, we have intermittent statements he [Doc] knew they were copying, he [Doc] said ‘they take my stuff off the internet all the time, it’s fine as long as they don’t commercialize it.’ “If these people were commercializing it [selling the files] then sure…”

    > One Judge inserts…

    “Your clients [the defendants] contacted them [Melissa Scott] on the website, and they [Melissa Scott] said no.”

    > Linda [Linda S. McAleer] responds…

    “My client is a lay person and doesn’t understand abandonment. And, they [the files] were abandoned long before they were granted to Melissa Scott, so she can say ‘no’ all she wants, but if he [Doc] abandoned those rights [and he did] she [Melissa] doesn’t have any control over that aspect [the non commercial copyrights].”

    >> As someone has noted…

    “copyright abandonment is alive and well in the Ninth Circuit! Who knew? Linda for one. Well, of course, thousands of other IP attorneys knew that as well, except for a selected few.”

    >> Note; years after the files were abandoned, Melissa Scott suddenly decides to begin suing innocent people for sharing them. Is that what a “pastor” should do? Has she sought God’s will on the matter? I think not.


    • Cactus Hunter,
      You are a first class douchbag. You are clueless in terms of the litigation between these parties. Patrick has lost his case and in now raising money for his defense. I know you do not understand that but soon you will, and in that moment you will know you were the hunted all along.

  5. Timothy Briggs- You are an idiot first class Dr. Scott never said “we could copy n share” Dr. Scott specifically said you could record off TV but you could not duplicate for others. Once more, Whatever he said went out the window when he died. He left a clear will and corporate resolutions. Get over it.

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