Sunday Service – March 15, 2015

Pastor Melissa Scott

For today’s Sunday Service, Pastor Melissa Scott dug into some of Thomas Aquinas’ research on Angelology. Although careful to point that portions of his work are in error, Pastor Scott did list three of the Primary Roles of Angels:

1) Worship God.
2) Implement the will of God.
3) Messengers.

Quoting scripture from Isaiah 14 and Ephesians 6 (to name just a couple) Pastor Scott delved into the subject of spiritual warfare. After all, if God’s angels play a primary role in His work, the angels who followed Satan and fell must have primary roles in attempting to thwart God’s plan as well.

The material covered was way too dense for this page, but what I took away from it was that the warfare we Christians engage in is spiritual in nature — warfare for the soul. One of the methods of Satan is to thwart God’s plan and take His teaching and twist it so that it focuses on the SELF. She also taught another of Satan’s methods: if he can’t disconnect the Christian with doubt (“Did God really say that?”), then he works to corrupt the mind of the believer by perverting God’s word through the use of his false prophets and false teachers.

Pastor Scott mentioned that in modern Christianity, most people seem to want the resurrection without first going through the crucifixion — spiritually dying daily to the old self and the old corrupt nature, so that the new man in Christ can come alive.

IMHO, Modern Christianity seems to have joined the rest of the world and fallen for the “worship of the self” trap: Become a Christian and you can get rich! Give to get! Become a Christian and God will become your personal Santa Claus!

Pastor mentioned that Prosperity Preachers play on their congregation’s own greed for riches and things of this world, as a way of tricking them into giving strictly to get blessed in this life — rather than giving God’s way and the way He has spelled it out over and over in His word.

Well, it was another Sunday with Pastor speaking the truth in Love. But again, don’t use this blog as a filter — I can only paraphrase and work off my notes which can always be wrought with bad memory or human error. Listen to Pastor Melissa Scott’s Sunday service for your self. It typically replays Tuesday nights at 7pm.


  1. thank u for blogging the summaries of the messages. this sunday message was interesting. I never thought about the angels in this way.

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