Ross And Carrie And Pastor Melissa Scott: Mistakes (Part 4)

Oh No Ross and Carrie Podcast

The Ross and Carrie and Pastor Melissa Scott podcast is littered with so many mistakes, mischaracterizations and big picture errors, it would take months to debunk them all and also bore the readers with all the necessary, excessive detail. So, with a respect for brevity, I’ll only cover the major mistakes here:

Mistake #1 Ross and Carrie: “Melissa appears to have scrubbed the internet of Gene’s legacy. One complaint from many Gene followers, he still has many ardent followers…these people really want to share his message and he made it clear that he wanted his message to be shared all the time. Immediately after she took control of the website where they had a lot of these available for download, tons of them. Immediately these were pulled down. There’s one gentleman online who says he has many of these archived copies. He wants to share these with other followers of Gene but she (Pastor Scott) tries to sue them.”

Oh No Ross and Carrie


Ross and Carrie’s blatant disregard for truth is astounding, especially since Ross Blocher claims on video that one of his life’s missions is a “search for truth.” A more accurate description would be “a search for the unsubstantiated rumor.” I don’t even know what to say to something this outrageous. Carrie asserts strongly and with certainty that ALL the court cases have been decided against Pastor Scott, but there have only been two copyright lawsuits filed and NOT ONE one has ruled against Pastor Scott!

The first case was decided a couple of years after Dr. Scott’s death, and that case found in Pastor Scott’s favor. She won big time and the judge threatened the perpetrator with huge fines and a jail sentence if he didn’t cease and desist from unlawfully reproducing Dr. Scott’s copyrighted materials. The second lawsuit filed recently by Patrick Robinson hasn’t even been decided yet. The case is still winding it’s way through the maze of the bureaucratic legal system. Although we’re confident this case will end up the same as last time, nothing has been decided by a judge yet.

I can’t figure out if Ross and Carrie are simply making things up for the sake of sensationalism or if they’re just so determined to demonize their enemy at all costs they’re quick to jump on any false rumor without vetting it. Either way, as far as I’m concerned, their irresponsible reporting completely disqualifies them from being taken serious as journalists. They can never pretend to be anything more than mere entertainers — at least on this podcast.

As for the first part of what Ross and Carrie said above, it’s obvious they’re trying to frame this copyright controversy as a David vs. Goliath narrative so their followers can all root for the underdog and their heroic efforts to give away Dr. Scott’s life’s work for free, but the actual story is quite different. Again, for the sake of brevity in this post, I will write that rebuttal in a different article.

Mistake #2 Ross and Carrie: “Gene has his bikini babes riding horses in bikinis but he’s also yelling at you about adultery. What are you? What do you want?”

Carrie gets really animated at this point in the podcast, licking her chops because she’s certain that she’s caught Dr. Scott in a hypocritical moment contradicting himself. What Carrie has actually done is expose her own ignorance and commit yet another “big picture error.” Ross and Carrie grew up in a Christian church, and it’s now even more obvious they were taught by one of those self-righteous Pastors of the ilk that Dr. Scott constantly railed against.

The problem with Carrie’s impulsive indictment is that Dr. Scott never railed against adultery, nor any sin for that matter. She’s projecting her own limited, Christian experience onto Dr. Scott whose philosophy is completely the opposite. Because Carrie’s Pastor railed on adultery, or because she saw Jerry Falwell railing on adultery, she therefore concludes that Dr. Scott must have as well. Her knee-jerk, judgmental attitude reminds me of a racist who watches a black guy robbing a 7-11 on the nightly news and then cries, “see, all black people are that way!” Which is kind of telling about her personality. When she saw the Hispanics in our church crowd, she assumed they were Armenians because the church is located in Glendale — not sure how skilled her powers of observation are?

Well, Carrie may think that all houses of worship in Glendale are full of Armenians, and that all preachers are just like hers, but Dr. Scott was not your typical preacher. He never railed against sin because sin is at the very core of the human condition. The only righteousness he ever preached was Christ’s — everyone else’s == filthy rags. And that includes everyone from TV Evangelists in white suits to the Pope himself.

Ross and Carrie can call Dr. Scott many things, but a hypocrite he was not.

Stay tuned for many more mistakes by Ross and Carrie.


  1. I dont believe these are mistakes at all. The two of them are attack dogs who will say anything to support their own beliefs. They enter the “story” with an agenda and make the pieces fit. Seems all to common a practice in today’s liberal, leftist media.

  2. Pastor Scott is a wonderful preacher. I watch her on the Internet and she’s as genuine as they get.

    At my age, I don’t think I’ll ever understand how willingly today’s media resort to lying and distortions. It’s hard to believe these young reporters would write with so much negligence.

  3. Hello!

    Would you like to come on the show and tell us anything we got wrong? We have over 200,000 downloads a month, and I imagine that will get your message further. You can use my email to contact me. I made the same offer to one of your cohorts, but he declined.

    • If I’m the cohort you’re talking about, I didn’t decline I just said I would consider it. You are two extroverts adept at speaking. I am an introvert who writes, so not sure how well that would work on your podcast.

    • You boast of downloads, but why would any right thinking person come on your show to help your popularity while you attack innocent people for reading the Bible? Your actions are criminal by impersonating LYFT divers and trespassing into a private community. If you want me to come on your show please explain what gives you the right to do these things to other people who have done you no harm?

  4. Quoting the author Richard Harvey, “Dr. Scott regularly shot the middle finger to the modern-day legalists who would encroach on his freedom. Why do you think he wore crazy hats, smoked cigars and paraded beautiful women and horses? It outed the self-righteous fundamentalists who had snuck in unawares. It flushed them out in droves, Sinners welcome, self-righteous fundamentalists, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.”

    Yup Richard gets it…

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