Remembering Dr. Gene Scott

Dr. Gene Scott

It’s hard to believe that Dr. Scott has been gone for over a decade now, but if the good Lord gives him a glimpse of how the ministry he started has continued, I’m sure he’s very pleased. I do remember, how sorely displeased I was, however, after reading the media reports about his passing. Even the newspapers all the way in Texas were reprinting the same old tired cliche’s the L.A. press had been regurgitating for years, describing him with pejoratives like: “Shock jock of TV evangelism”, or “wacky, late-night preacher…” And without fail, they all seemed to fish out the worst pictures of him to splash across their pages with him wearing some crazy hat and glasses. The propaganda technique of “assertion” was being employed in full force in most of the obituaries I read. By asserting negative words like “wacky” and “TV evangelist” over and over the journalists hoped to imprint a caricatured version of Dr. Scott into the lazy minds of a gullible public — many of whom believe everything they read without question.

Journalists assume their audience is just as stupid as they are or else they wouldn’t keep trying such antics. And since they’re always under pressure to meet their deadlines, many of them bang out their articles quickly no matter how crap they are, just to get some ink on the page. So, when it came to writing about Dr. Scott’s life and his accomplishments, most just grabbed outdated blurbs off the internet and parroted the same narrative that other secular journalists had written before them. Hence, for the average “Joe Six-Pack” reading the morning paper, Dr. Scott was just another religious freak, just another crackpot, just another “wacky, late-night, TV evangelist.”

But for those of us in the know, Dr. Scott was “none of the above”. He did not resemble any of the caricatures in these “swoop and poop” articles. He was much more, even more than just an amazing orator with a lightning-quick mind, a lacerating wit, and what seemed to be a photographic memory (which he denied having). To many of us, Dr. Gene Scott was the greatest Bible teacher since the Apostle Paul — and quite possibly the greatest ever (JC notwithstanding). So, while the news media continued to appeal to the lowest common denominator reader and dismissed him with a wave of the hand and more tiresome ad hominem attacks,  the rest of us with eyes to see and ears to hear, knew that Dr. Gene Scott was something very special.

For sure I have been very fortunate in one area of my life: No matter what job I’ve walked into, I always replaced a a “low performer”. So, the minute I walked into my employer’s office I was welcomed with open arms. Contrast that to what Pastor Melissa Scott had to go through after Dr. Scott’s passing: When she was thrust into the job of Pastor, she had to replace a genius. And she had no Ph.D. from Stanford, no worldly training in public speaking, and certainly no theological degree to placate the religious multitudes who crave external validation from their glorified institutions.

But what Pastor Scott had was faith. And that, coupled with the teaching she received from Dr. Scott, along with her natural linguistic abilities, propelled her to excel in the extremely difficult task of replacing a man, who, in the hearts of many people could never be replaced. And since the day Dr. Scott passed away, there has been a mad power grab for control of his teaching — starting on the day of his death when hordes of Dr. Scott groupies came crashed his web server in their frantic desire to download his audio files.

Now, for years Dr. Scott talked about his desire to have spiritual sons to rise to the challenge of becoming his successor and run the ministry after his passing. And he bemoaned the fact that not one of them ever did. And it wasn’t until Melissa Scott came along that he finally received the joy and peace that he’d been longing for all those years. So after ordaining her, Dr. Scott publicly gave control of his copyrighted works and the entire ministry to his successor, Pastor Melissa Scott.

Even though all of this happened over 10 years ago, certain individuals with a strange desire to seize control of Dr. Scott’s teaching have reared their ugly heads once again in the form of Dr. Scott groupies trolling around on social media channels demanding ownership be handed over to. It’s outrageous but sadly true. If you haven’t stumbled across any of this on the internet, count yourself lucky and you probably don’t need to read the rest of this article. But my question to these people demanding ownership is, “do you really think Dr. Scott to be so stupid and irresponsible that he would not take measures to safeguard his life’s work and entrust it to the one individual he deemed worthy to be a good steward?” Do they really think that he would just offer it up freely to every plagiarist and wanna-be copycat to use and abuse it as they see fit? Seriously? Dr. Scott copyrighted every bit of his teaching and made the decisions as to when and where it could be replayed. And to top it off, he gave instructions to his successor on exactly how he wanted that carried out after his passing.

Now, I’ve known some of the so-called spiritual sons and most are/were decent fellows, but none were chosen by God to run the ministry. In my mind, they were always called to be helpers and nothing more. It’s strictly my opinion, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, and only God knows for sure, but I believe that Dr. Scott was such a chauvinist that it took him a while to see what was right in front of him. IMHO God had to beat him over the head by showing him the contrasting alternatives: Several incompetent tools who happened to be males? Or the woman who stood head and shoulders above them? Whose it gonna be? It eventually became obvious even to the self-proclaimed chauvinist that a woman was the best man for the job.

Thankfully, most of the so-called spiritual sons stayed on to be helpers. But of course there had to be a few egomaniacs who couldn’t take the fact that Dr. Scott didn’t pick them, so they ran off with their limited knowledge to start their own cheap, knock-off versions of his ministry. Their programs can still be found in dark pockets of the internet and they’re little more than half-arsed reenactments of how the great man once preached. These copycats are perfect demonstrations of how some people can have a knowledge of God, yet lack the spirit of God. All their grandiose fantasies and cigar-chomping mimicry will never get them anywhere other than being known for being a far cry from the great man they seek to emulate.

You might have seen this one miscreant who regularly announces that Dr. Scott wanted all of his teaching to be freely distributed after his death. Very funny, because he never wanted it freely distributed during his life. I specifically remember Dr. Scott railing about how “nothing in this life is free!” He would broadcast his teaching for free, but then blast those who didn’t pay their tithes and offerings after they had dined at his teaching table. Apparently this latest usurper on YouTube has deluded himself into believing that Dr. Scott envisioned some great, post-hippie apocalypse after he died where every “Tom, Dick, and Harry” could freely redistribute his teaching however they please. What I want to say to this freeloader is that Dr. Scott was not a stupid man. If you listened to the gestalt of what he said over the years (as opposed to these short bursts of sentence fragments taken out of context from the usurper) it’s easy to see that he knew exactly what he was doing when he assigned the copyrights to his teaching to Pastor Scott with specific instructions of how he wanted them distributed.

Early on, Dr. Scott marked those who were overly titillated by the Pyramid teaching, the Lost Tribes, the UFOs, and the teaching on Atlantis — all those juicy topics  you can now see on the History Channel. But Dr. Scott railed against those who only wanted their intellects tickled and never made the connection to how that controversial teaching was actually a demonstration of God’s faithfulness to His word. That’s why Dr. Scott began digging heavily into the Book of Romans to shake out the fringe kooks and hangers-on who were merely interested in the sensational.

In closing, I have fond memories of Dr. Scott and I also have fond memories of how he either sold his tapes through a tax-paying corporation or verbally eviscerated those who watched his TV or internet broadcasts freely but never paid their teacher for it afterwards. So, if you ever run across these self-appointed heirs claiming to be riding on clouds of glory to liberate the volumes of teaching tapes from evil Queen Jezebel, like some sort of modern-day Che Guevara galloping in to plunder private property and redistribute it to the unwashed masses; if you ever hear that Dr. Scott’s dream was to have all his copyrighted teaching tapes (borne from thousands of hours of intensive research, mind you, not to mention all the equipment and staff costs); if you ever hear that it was all done so that it could be given away to some megalomaniac mimic who isn’t smart enough to do his own research, nor brave enough to be his own Pastor, please think again. Dr. Scott always copyrighted and controlled his teaching and never allowed it to be redistributed it in some sort of anarchistic, hippie free-for-all as this usurper would have you believe. Whether it was broadcast on TV or played as an audio file on his website, he expected you to everyone to pay for their spiritual food.

Dr. Scott was a “man’s man”, one of the last before the latest metrosexual generation began to take over. What’s funny is, if he was alive today and saw how these people (who claim to love him) were bastardising his teaching and trying to rip off the ministry that he started, he would most likely slap them across their greasy little faces. Or maybe he would just growl at them and shake his head in disgust, but be assured, he would not be best pleased with all this nonsense.

So boys and girls that’s all the Christian love I have for you today. Hope you enjoyed my rant, and remember to always live your best life now! Just like Peter did when he was hanging upside down on a cross. And also remember, I am not a Pastor, I don’t even play one TV, and I certainly don’t speak for Pastor Scott, Dr. Scott, or the ministry. This is just another voice freely expressing her opinion in this wonderful “mobocracy” we call the internet where every illogical cretin gets a voice and folks like me can only hope to do their best in countering them.


  1. I was amazed at the hebrew knowledge of Dr. Gene Scott.I used to get him on cable. I no longer have access to that ministry. The program was taken off the air soon after Melissa Scott started preaching. I feel I have lost out. I still have his notes and use it to this day.

    • Over the years Dr.Scott did indeed say he wanted his teaching available til’ Jesus returns….On the principle of Galatians 6:6.THAT was the ideal,optimistic,hoped for scenario for the Church but too many “kingshouses” let Dr.Scot down,not only in tithes & offerings in the teaching recieived but failure to be faithful on the phone lines or church attendance in the L.A. proper.Pastor Scott is re-running tapes of Dr.Scott pouring his anger out over these issues, near shutting down the whole operation.This crop of “Doc” fans demanding that Pastor Scott release teaching they want to hear on the guise that’s what Dr.Scott would want….are full of the devil. Dr.Scot thanked Go for Melissa and if it wasn’t for her,he would have sold everything and spent it from his hospital bed.They way Dr.Scott’s teaching was taken for granted? Why should these “fans” dictate to the current undershepherd of the Church?They need to move on,start their own ministry ,without publishing copyrioghted material.

      • I agree 100% Jeremy. These doc fans saying “Doc wanted his teaching given away freely!!!” haha what a bunch of crap. Doc always taught that nothin’ in life is free.

  2. When people complain about the program bein taken off the air, the first question I have to ask is “hmmm… I wonder if this person ever supported the ministry or if they just sat there watching and then started complainin when it went off the air?” TV costs oodles of money and since half the congregants left when Doc died, TV broadcasts aren’t as prevaling. However, Dr. Scott’s teaching is still available on his website and also on the Classic Gene Scott player. I saw him writing in Hebrew just the other night, so not sure why ya don’t watch these channels?

  3. Hi Spieler,

    Your wrong on most of your rant on this site….if you want to have a debate?…Please lets do! But please lets kill the pink hippo in the room ok??? REAL facts right out of the gate!!…ok? I have a problem with porn…I can’t seem to get enough of it. I also like living in the past and I like to drag other people back into their past filth as well. I think people who have sinned in their past should be made to go on the Oprah Winfrey show and plead with our ebony-like, New-Age Princess (and her minions) for public forgiveness before they can be forgiven by God. I also think everyone who has ever sinned should be made to go on TV like Jimmy Swaggart and bawl and squawl for the cameras and beg the news media for forgiveness. Otherwise, they can’t be forgiven by God. I think all this public humiliation and groveling has to first be done before mankind before God can even enter into the equation — because in my mind, man’s approval is so much more important or at least a required prerequisite of God’s approval.

    Henceforth, I think your Pastor needs to go on the Katie Couric show and shed crocodile tears (like my heroine, Tammy Faye) until her make-up is soiled and streaming down her face. She needs to confess to Katie for every single sin she ever committed in her life, and if Katie and her followers say it’s okay, then I suppose God could forgive her and let her become a preacher.

    Where do I get my opinions? From the Bible of course. Before Moses could lead the Israelites out of Egypt, he first had to beg forgiveness from Pharoah and his court for killing that Egyptian. Before king David could lead Israel into battle again, he first had to roll around in the sand beating his chest and groveling before Absalom and his crew for the sin of killing Bathsheba’s husband (what was his name again?). And before Paul could write most of the New Testament, he had to publicly bawl and beat his chest outside the church of Thessalonica for the sin of helping those meanie Jews kill all those Christians.

    Now if those Bible greats couldn’t be forgiven by God until they publicly groveled and came clean for all their past sins before mankind, why shouldn’t modern-day preachers like your Pastor have to grovel? At least she should be made to grovel before me so I can pass judgment. Then after I have approved her, she can ask God for forgiveness. Am I making sense? Do I have a judging spirit? Am I an a-hole? Please pray for me or debate me, but don’t ignore me! My argument is so fresh and modernist it just can’t be ignored! Thank you.

    -The Negator

    • Hi Negator,
      If you have a problem with porn please PM me we can work it out. Like you I love Oprah and pink hippos. please msg me you sound so aggressive I cant wait….

    • Negator, I like Katie Couric too shes awesome and sooooo pretty don’t you agree? I like Tammy Faye too! We have so much in common I cant wait to meet you. I am willing to grovel, beg your forgiveness and henceforth submit. Please debate ME!!!!

    • You do it your way negator. I’ll listen to Pastor Melissa until I am dead. And where you get your strange ideas about confession I’ll never know. Certainly not the Bible.

  4. I guess I’ll pray for ya. First off ya need to stop beating your meat to porno all the time. Didn’t your daddy ever teach ya that’ll grow hair on your palms? I used to do a bit of that stuff when I was a teenager, but it’s no way for a grown man to go through life, son. Pull your head out and redeem the time for the days are evil. Theres no time for all this masturbating sir MasterNegator. Best of luck with your problem I’ll be praying for ya.

  5. To all the saints please let this be a lesson to us on just how powerful Staten is. How could DOC make the greatest blunder is a profound mystery. I often feel Doc looking down from heaven saying. Im sorry norm. Doc

    We still love you

    • Yeah that damned Staten sure is a pain. But I am confused. What the hell should Dr. Scott be sorry for? Being faithful to his post as Pastor for some 30 years without fail? Feeding you and everyone else more teaching than you deserved or could ever apply in one lifetime? Rescuing a ministry with FAITH on its masthead that is still broadcasting Faith some 40 years later?

      If Dr. Scott is looking down from Heaven, he’s well pleased and grateful for God’s mighty hand on the ministry that he was blessed enough to start. Dr. Scott only cared about one person’s approval — God’s. Frankly, he could give a good damn what “Norm the Narcissist” thinks and you obviously never understood Dr. Scott. Otherwise you would know that he never apologised to the faithless, nor sought their love or approval.

      Hopefully, I just misunderstood your post, but on first read you just sound like an aimless prat.

  6. Have not yet become unfruitful: I Support My teacher as I was taught! Good luck to all the unfruitful quitters. You Fell Short Of The Finish Line.

  7. I do not understand what all the mean anger is about. I just love Melissa scotts teaching and I always feel closer to God when I learn something He told me through her. I am just scared of not being accepted by my Savior and I need to learn from someone who knows God and can lead me closer to him. please stop the ugly and help us weak ones.

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