Pastor Melissa Scott’s New Website Deconstructed

Pastor Melissa Scott Website

Pastor Scott’s new website is up and running and has some interesting sections to check out if you haven’t already been there. We have listed some of the most important changes in this article:

New Design

Gone are the days of the dark and brooding colors and in their place is a cleaner black-and-white look. The new site reminds me of some of the artistic experiments with Brutalism I’ve seen floating around the web and the designer’s intent seems to be more focused on a simplified User Experience rather than on winning any Web Design Awwwards.¬† Overall, I prefer the new black and white look as the information pops more easily and the new logo at the top left looks to be some sort of ancient artifact from a biblical manuscript that lends a more museum-like feel to the site.

New Homepage

Pastor Melissa Scott’s homepage has a much more simplified layout now. Besides the black and white combo, most of the sections are accessible all in one place.

Latest Section

At the top left there is a “Latest” section which is a new feature and a much welcomed one since it’s easy to tell what the most recent additions to the site are. At present, the Wycliffe Bible and new editions to Pastor’s Classroom are being featured. Speaking of, I really like the Pastor’s Classroom page. It looks to be in its infancy but there is already a nice slice of teaching available in both video and audio formats and it appears that all of the written content and PDF files have been consolidated in Pastor’s Library.

Videos Section

At the top right it is very easy to find the main videos to watch — which was not the case with the old site. Watch Live takes you straight to the live programming which is handy on Sunday mornings or Monday evenings when Pastor goes live. The Pastor Scott Channel is a pre-recorded video loop that plays around the clock with loads of teaching packed into it. Likewise, the Classic Dr. Gene Scott¬†channel is a pre-recorded video loop that is obviously being updated on a regular basis as I’ve heard new teaching tapes I’ve never heard before.

New Visitors Section

Just beneath the “Latest” and “Videos” sections is the New Visitors section. This is a big improvement for the first-time user. There is a playlist of videos that provide an introduction to the ministry featuring both Pastor Scott and Dr. Scott.

Beneath the video playlist there is a list of resources for the new visitor to peruse, such as: Who Is Pastor Scott?, FAQs, How To Become a King’s House, followed by an International section with loads of Pastor’s videos that have been translated into a wide variety of languages.

Sunday Service Section

Below the New Visitors area is the Attend a Sunday Service section. The actual page features a map and answers all of the basic questions noobs have like, “Why do I have to make a reservation?” With all this info, people in Southern California have no excuse for not attending a live service on Sunday mornings!

Social Media

Lastly there are the Social Media icons for those who want to follow Pastor Scott on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Personally, I don’t use Facebook or Twitter so I can’t comment on those channels but I do like the YouTube option as there are plenty of short-snippet videos there for people who don’t have time to watch an entire service.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the new site is a vast improvement. My only critique would be that I’ve been getting some 404 page not found errors as I had bookmarked some of the old pages that no longer exist. Also, the homepage notwithstanding, the rest of the site needs more photos. Pastor Scott is the face of the franchise after all, and unlike some preachers who have a face for radio, from a branding standpoint her face is a selling point and should be featured. But what do I know? Pastor Scott probably prefers to put God’s Word front and center where it belongs.

Check out the new site and leave your comments below.


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