Pastor Melissa Scott Scams

Pastor Melissa Scott

There have been more reports of bogus solicitations and people impersonating Pastor Melissa Scott on social media outlets — particularly on Facebook. Some individuals operate groups and pages using Pastor Scott’s photos, but then preach their own messages and often get it wrong. More blatant scammers use Pastor Scott’s name to solicit bogus donations to their private accounts.

Follow these simple precautions to avoid getting duped by an impersonator:

1) Pastor Melissa Scott’s official Facebook page is

You can verify this by going to and clicking on the FB icon. All other pages are run by fans or foes, but are not official, so don’t get your teaching there.

2) You will NEVER receive a donation request from Pastor Melissa Scott via Facebook or other Social Media outlets.

3) You will NEVER receive a “friend request” from Pastor Scott on Facebook or any other outlet.

4) Prayer Requests are not done publicly through Facebook. For prayer, call Pastor Scott’s phone number and a “live” person will write down your request for Pastor. 1-800-338-3030.

I learned this years ago and assumed everyone else knew as well, but apparently scammers are still finding gullible people to exploit, so be careful!


  1. I’xe been a member of Dr.Gene Scott, and now Pastor Melissa Scott congregation since1982–32 years!! No other persons on EARTH, have preached with more TRUTTH AND GENUINE RESPECT FOR GOD’S WORD!! THAN THESE GREAT WARRIORS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH!! MY LIFE WOULD BE EMPTY WITHOUT THEIR TEACHING!! I LOVE THEM BOTH., UNTIL THE LORD CALLS ME HOME!! SUZAN C. WILSON

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