Pastor Melissa Scott – Master of Divinity

Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott earns her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity in Biblical Languages

Pastor Scott never ceases to amaze me — not only in a humanistic way, but also in the way that God works in her life. With a hectic schedule of constant study, running a worldwide ministry (and all the staff and equipment problems that entails), her regular travel schedule with visits to San Quentin for her prison ministry (along with other prisons and mental institutions), her speaking engagements at other churches, and her regular classes where she teaches the Hebrew language, Pastor Scott also made time to earn two degrees recently: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity in Biblical Languages.

Personally, I’m not big on college degrees since the first time I hired two MBA’s that nearly ran my business into the ground. And I still remember the time when those of higher education (namely the young MBA’s) at Coca Cola devastated brand loyalty and decimated profits at that giant corporation when they decided to change the logo. Surely, there are many more success stories that skew the other way, but I’ve just never been impressed by degrees in a stand-alone fashion. IMHO Pastor Scott brings enough life experience to the table in combination with her own in-depth study of God’s Word, to make her qualified than most to preach God’s Word.

However, it’s obvious that college degrees are important to many people. It’s a form of validation requires sustained effort and commitment to complete, and I totally get that. In fact, because Pastor Scott had no theological degree when she first started out, that became a topic for her critics to latch onto. They used her “lack of university credentials” as an excuse not to listen to her, or as proof that God could not have called her to the ministry. Personally, I don’t remember God’s prophets in the Bible (that He called to preach) having worldly credentials? In the New Testament, it seems like Luke had training as a physician and Paul was obviously a well-studied and learned man, but seems like the other apostles dropped out of high school to pursue commercial fishing?

Anyways, a big round of applause to Pastor Scott for finishing her M.div in Biblical languages. She’s forgotten more about Biblical Languages than most of her critics will ever be able to read, write or speak, anyway — and the numb skulls who pass judgment and critiques aren’t even qualified to tote her books for her, much less debate her theologically. So, I see these two new degrees not as a necessary requirement, but as further validation of her brain power, her tenacity to overcome, and yet another thorn-in-the-eye for her naysayers to deal with. And, I have a feeling that this is only the beginning. I’m not making any firm predictions here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she finishes a Ph.D or some equivalent in higher education. Now that would be awesome! I wonder how her critics would respond to having to call her Dr. Scott? Hahaha.

Two Dr. Scott’s at the helm of this great ministry. Now that would be great!!!


  1. I truly believe Pastor Scott’s desire is for each of us to have the relationship with our Lord, with as much understanding and truth of God’s Word, correctly interpreted, as possible. Thank you Lord for her devotion and commitment to you. Her spiritual gift of teaching God’s Word is unlike any other person I have ever known, and has aided me greatly in my walk with Christ.

  2. In my opinion, Melissa Scott is one of the best bible teachers alive. I am a student of the scriptures and every time I watch one of her videos I am more than impressed. She, clearly, has devoted much time to careful study and exegesis of God’s word. I thank God for her devotion to, and clear teaching of, God’s word. It’s a shame we haven’t been blessed by God with more teachers like her.

  3. When Dr, Gene Scott came along he claimed to have a Doctorate from Stanford University, earned in 1957, and he welcomed anyone to verify that as a fact, which is true. I would like the opportunity to know from which school or schools Melissa Scott earned her degrees, so there can be no question of her authenticity. This article does not mention these, so would you kindly offer them, that there be NO dispute as to the Truth About her qualifications? Thank you most kindly.

    • First off, I don’t talk to Pastor Scott so I have no idea which school(s) she obtained her degrees from. I watch the same programs as everyone else, and like everyone else who can read, it’s pretty obvious she is now posting her degrees that she’s obtained during the Sunday Service broadcasts.

      However, unlike you, I don’t doubt “her authenticity.” In a world in which all of our lives are growing ever more transparent, only an idiot would broadcast bogus claims on live TV and the internet about receiving degrees in Divinity or whatever… And since Pastor Scott is not an idiot, I can logically deduce that she “authentically” obtained the degrees that she broadcasts each Sunday. So perhaps you have her confused with some of the idiots you watch on TV? Only you can answer that question.

      As for providing you with enough information so that there can be “NO dispute about her qualifications,” you have made an impossible request. For even if it was revealed that the degrees were real, a critical person like yourself would claim that she got them from some cheesey online university. Or if it was proven that Pastor Scott obtained the degrees from a more reputable institution, a critical person like you would claim that she slept with the professor in order to pass the test.

      A healthy dose of cynicism is necessary when evaluating most things in life, but I can tell by the snide request couched beneath your polite veneer that you will always find fault with Pastor Scott and reasons to DISPUTE her qualifications — even if she got her Ph.D from the almighty Stanford university.

    • I recognize this idiot its Robert Easley. Why are you letthim post comments here? He’s a jerkoff. Run back to your fanboy Facebook page Robert Sleasely. Idiot.

      • I let Robert post here because on the main page I said I would let negative comments in (within reason). I’m not letting porn addicts, pedophiles or Nazis post their filth here, but his post was within reason. I knew it was negative right off the bat because of the fact that he asked for more proof of her degrees other than her own word. After 10 years of watching all of Pastor’s accomplishments, he still doesn’t trust her and IMHO he never will. But that’s not grounds for banning his post, it just means he’ll receive some harsh replies.

        • Spieler, I would like to read her Graduate Thesis, as it would express the fullness of her 20+ years of theological study. It would be an exegesis of her theology. But I can’t very well read it if nobody knows from where she graduated. Maybe she’ll share it on her website someday.

  4. Easley you’re a spineless f*ggot. Go sniffle and suck c*ck somewhere else. Tell your friends they’re equally spineless whining bitches – Dr Scott would be ashamed of you pathetic low-life scum. Tell Patrick, Bobbi, Fat Freddy and Michael to have some courage and unblock me on FB and stand up for their lies and deceit… Get the f*ck out of here you pirate piece of sh*t.

      • Cowards. All you pathetic pussies block me becaus you CANNOT answer your case. Go run and hide… there’s onne none of you can “block”. Hahahahaha

        • I don’t know about the others, but I blocked you because you never have anything to say but obscene insults. Why would anyone welcome that? You remind me of the demons that Ed and Lorraine Warren encountered. You even include the hellish laughter!

          • Hahahahahahahaaaaa… that’s just fantastic! You and I both know – just like with the others – I spooked you with truth. You can’t handle it. The entity in you can’t take the mockery… On your way pissant.

            • Dieter, I’m beginning to think you would have a stroke if you tried to make a rebuttal without including SOME kind of insult or name-calling! Is that the only way you have to express your opinions?

            • Yea Sleasely u strain at a gnat but then swalow a camel. U ban dieter for obsene language but then blaspheme God by twisting Pastors words and misrepresenting her on ur gay FB forum u freak

    • Melissa is a fraud, she speaks of the dragon, anyone who listens to her drone on about things that don’t teach a saint. just mess up your brain with satanic twisted lessons

    • To what are you responding with “No, d*ckhead”?

      Or are you announcing that you have no d*ckhead?

      I can play the obscene insult game too, but I am able to express my views without that, so that’s what I do.

      Now, if we are finished insulting one another, can we please get back to discussing The Truth About Pastor Melissa Scott? That is the purpose of this website, is it not?

      • Easley… it all comes down to this:

        You all think you outsmarted Dr Scott and God. You all worshipped a man and then conveniently eschew his instructions at your will.

        That’s fine. You’re free to leave.

        But the presumption and arrogance to make demands on an organisation you have left is absurd. Moreover, the fact that your case is built on a premise that is a complete lie (that Dr Scott injected his works into the public domain and intentionally gave up any right to them) not only proves your efforts are rooted in the father of lies, but shows a callous disregard for a man and a legacy in the Lord that – of all people – never held such a position, either personally or professionally.

        You and your cohorts – none of whom actually knew Dr Scott and few of whom ever even answered phones, let alone volunteered – have built a case around a lie and based on a man stupid and demon-possessed enough to fall into Satan’s grip, even though he was never know by anyone prior! No one in LA ever saw Patrick before these bizarre attacks.

        But, like a moth to a flame (or dogs to vomit), you cretins rallied around him, while the real work of preserving and putting Dr Scott’s messages into print (as he wished) is done by those of the house of faith. While we continue to build – under the directions Dr Scott himself gave and the ordination to preach and lead that he gave his widow – you f*cks are busy sucking each other’s c*cks and hurling destruction towards the church you were once part of.

        I don’t know how you were bewitched. Frankly, I don’t give a f*ck how. It’s your problem if you want to be an open ass for Satan. Someone’s got to and might as well be you and Patty and BJ and the gang!

        So yeah… it’s obvious you’re a d*ckhead and an a**hole and a c*nt and every other name I can think of. And until you realize the evil you continue to do under the presumption that you all have the spiritual gifts necessary to lead the church, and repent, then you are more evil than the Islamic terrorists that seek to destroy the world and the leftists who would enslave our freedoms to a government.

        Until you realize you are the lowest of the low… you’ll remain just that: evil, arrogant, moronic, f*ckwits straight from your father beneath.

        Go tell your scared little friends in your pissue little secret groups…. you all run and hide from me because you’re scared sh*tless and because the hammer is going to come down.

        Like I said… don’t worry about that, it will happen. Worry about the real one you fight; the Lord Jesus Christ.

        • this guy is a prime example of what Melissa or mrs satan teaches to. the legion of demons out to destroy dr scott’s legacy.

  5. You may be right about everything you say Dieter, I don’t know. But I do know that using asterisks doesn’t make your language one bit less filthy and obscene and abusive. You really CANNOT express yourself any better than that, can you.

    But since you brought up Patrick’s mysterious past, he pretty much told his life story in one of his videos, so we all know what he did before this started. Melissa on the other hand is a different story. When did she ever tell anything about what she did before we first saw her skating around Gene Scott’s pool with a bunch of bimbos? And why is it okay for HER to drop onto the scene with no past?

    What is The Truth About Pastor Melissa Scott’s life before Gene Scott? I’m not demanding to know, just asking, are none of you curious?

    • Someone is editing my posts, I assume to avoid spam detection.

      I don’t care for Patrick’s life story – I’m illustrating that he has had ZERO involvement with the ministry and then has the degree of presumption to to attack it in the name of doing it a favor. It’s insanity!

      What makes it OK for her to “drop on the scene” is Dr Scott, you moron! He married her, her ordained her and he charged her to take his place. Enough is enough, there is no comparison to an insane man in the back hills of Georgia with delusions of grandeur.

      I’d entertain your questions and comments more, but I find you pathetically stupid, as well as inherently evil.

    • I don’t think it is anybody’s damn business who any of us were before Christ found us…we are all NEW CREATURES in Christ Jesus. And as for the teaching of Dr. Scott he made it clear that he wanted it in print and that has been done, so if any of the haters want the teaching buy the books, simple as that. Or you can continue to secretly tune in to Pastor Scott’s (now Dr. Melissa Scott) channel and hear the teaching…different voice same Spirit.

  6. Easley, I’ll give you a shot:

    Explain when Dr Scott died he left you, or Patrick Robinson, or Bobbi Jones, or Fat Freddy in charge. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    Then… explain to me who ordained you for the role of Pastor. You either believed Dr Scott when he taught on Ephesians 4, or you didn’t.

    THEN… explain how a lawsuit BUILT ON LIES comes from anything other than the devil.

    Go for it. Invite your friends to share their thoughts, too.

    • Why should I answer you? Are you the boss of this blog? I’ve already made it clear, not only here but also on the GS FB page, that I will not argue with someone who is incapable of reasonable discussion, who has demonstrated their innate inability to face opposition without resorting to vulgar and obscene insults. You may not have used such on your latest comment, but I have learned that no matter what I say, your response will be equally infantile. So no, I will not engage you Dieter.

      Would anyone else, perhaps someone with a working vocabulary which can be used in polite company, like to have a reasonable discussion with me?

      • Classic case of demon possession. Attacks the body of Christ without any sense of remorse. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.

      • Your response reveals, even more, your cowardice and desire to hide behind misrepresentation and lies. Truly of the devil. You evil, spiteful, coward.

  7. There doesn’t appear to be a way for me to create an account and post a blog on this website, si I would like to share my article here, if I may…..


    I don’t mean who is she today, I mean what is her life story? We all know her husband Gene Scott was born in Buhl, Idaho, and when his parents became traveling ministers he was placed in the custody of his grandfather in Missouri, where he grew up. He has shared many anecdotes of his childhood and upbringing, some humorous and some not.

    But what of Melissa Scott? Where did she grow up? Was it in one place, or did they move once or more, such as military families tend to do? Does anyone here know?

    Contrary to the belief of some, I myself have not been listening to her every word for the past ten years, so I don’t know. So I’m asking those who have to please enlighten me. Has she mentioned her place of birth, her childhood, her high school years, or anything at all about her life before she met Gene Scott at about 27 years of age?

    I can’t imagine a preacher of Christ with a congregation of ten years not having done so somewhere along the way, surely she must have.

    Not that it is relevant to her current position, it just seems odd to me that a preacher would not have. Does it not seem odd to any of you who have listened to her every word over these past ten years?

    Or has she indeed told stories of her youth, at times when I was not listening? Please forgive me if I seem to be out of line for asking to know the truth, about Pastor Melissa Scott.

    I am not asking to know everything about her life…..I am only asking to know SOMETHING about her life, is that out of line?

    • I think you’ll find there is not one thing in my article which is insulting or impertinent, unless you the reader choose to see it as such.

      • And any reader will find I have been quite reasonable all along. You need only to look at previous “discussions” I’ve attempted to have with Dieter, to see the vast gulf of difference between my reason and his, on the GS FB page which has been referenced.

        Quite frankly, I am discouraged that the ten year protege of a Master of Divinity cannot debate any better than this.

    • Oh Robert, dearie dearie dear. Do you really think I was naive enough to believe that your first post was a sincere request for information? I knew you didn’t care about where she got her degrees. You just wanted to dig into the alleged, past filth that you and your DG fanboys can’t seem to get enough of. Make no mistake, mate, back in the NT days, you’d be at the front of the latrine line gawking to see whether the apostle Paul and company had their penises carved on or not. Your queries have never been sincere requests for information, or rational calls for debate. You want filth, boy! You want to drag us in with you…wade in and roll around in it so we can sink into the rancid crevices in your own dirty little mind. Your subversive ploy of polite requests for information was only a facade to get your foot in the door here and then to help you take the moral high ground over Dieter. But you’re as filthy as the rest of your fanboys — only a bit more subtle and patient.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t sent your posts to your forum friends first, before you sent them to me, saying, “Hey guys, look what I wrote this time, this will tie them in knots, this will paint them in a corner, this will get them to doubt their Pastor.” I know where your so-called “innocent” line of questioning is going. I know what it is you want to talk about.

      Let me explain this as simply as I can: Here’s what you and your Doc Groupies are, Robert. You are the ones Dr. Scott described perfectly decades ago, long before he died. He discerned in his spirit that there was a sect forming that loved to watch him on TV, but they would never faithe. They loved the intellectual titillation of the programming, but were always spiritually unplugged and out of sync because they weren’t taking on increasing faith challenges, daily. They loved the hats and the fanciful topics such as Demonology, Lost Tribes, Pyramids, UFOs…but Dr. Scott was concerned about this and worried for the souls of these people. He warned more than once that this sect of groupies were going to sit on the fence ONE DAY TOO LONG and get consumed. And now his prophesy has fully culminated. Watching Doc all day without stepping out in faith left you all exposed with no spiritual armour on. And when the enemy saw you had an interest in the teaching, but no armour on, you got consumed and taken over. Just like Doc predicted, you and your ilk are so consumed, you couldn’t walk away and live a happy life now if you tried. You have a demonic obsession with this ministry that will never let you walk away. A covetous obsession to destroy the ministry, steal Dr. Scott’s legacy, and then remake in your own, twisted image. You’re a sad, sick soul, completely unplugged, consumed and driven by a force you have no control of, aren’t you boy?

      Couldn’t walk away if you tried. So you convince yourself that it’s God whose put this spirit in you — this innate, insatiable drive. You’ve twisted it into some sort of calling on your life to “take Doc’s teaching to the world.” You’ve assigned yourself a reason for being, along with an exciting dash of esprit de corps to be enjoyed with your fellow fanboys, brothers-in-arms standing shoulder to shoulder as you march into the Lord’s buzz saw. I feel sorry for you mate, I really do. But Dr. Scott warned you that all of this would befall you and you wouldn’t listen, so it’s your fault.

      Dr. Scott is dead and gone but his ministry lives on. Pastor Scott is moving forward like a steamship, albeit with clinging barnacles like your lot trying to slow her down.

      Enjoy living in the past, Robert. It’s all you’ve got.

      • Why do you think I was a fence sitter who never stepped up in faith? Everything you just said is a clear indication that you didn’t comprehend anything I said on the GSFB page, if you even looked at it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be making these generalized criticisms of other people and pasting them onto me.

        I’m only an “honorary” member of that crowd, I haven’t given Patrick a dime. He only included me because I am one of two people who has actually been sued by Melissa, but that was MORE THAN FIVE YEARS AGO!!!

        Only reason I’m in favor of what they are doing is because Gene Scott PREACHED CHRIST JESUS, and I think it’s a shame for ANY recording of good preaching to not be freely available.

        And I’m not against Melissa, nor do I wish to impede her preaching of Christ. So no, I’m not going to answer the inquisition you people keep imposing on me, since you are talking to other people and not me.

        Besides, how can my asking a few questions about her that nobody can answer possibly harm her in any way? Especially since, honestly folks, only a handful of people even look at these websites anyway! Really.

        My question is why she never talks about ANYTHING from her past.

        But again, I haven’t listened to her very much, so to those who do listen to her I ask, DOES SHE ever talk about her life before Scott? Even a passing mention?

        • I have the analytics to this site and it’s more than a handful of user sessions each day. Most of them are first-time visitors, and they’re not spam referral bots. So, no, I’m not going to let someone bent on sowing doubt and discord about the Pastor have a free-for-all in here to try and taint the new visitors before they get a chance to listen to her teach for themselves. So, if your intent all along was to sneak in your little dig, consider it blocked, and consider me to be far more merciful than you are to Dieter since you won’t let him post one word of truth to your twisted blog/forum, whatever it is…

          The reason I haven’t tried to answer your question is because you’re the type that will always come up with more questions as an excuse to stay out there on the fringe. To paraphrase Dr. Scott, he lamented the time early in his ministry that he wasted answering endless questions from the consummate doubters, that could have been time better spent teaching those who immediately “got it”. Your questions aren’t going to lead you to finally make a decision to serve God in this ministry. They serve no purpose other than to tickle your own morbid curiosity. It’s a fruitless endeavor to try and answer you because you have some strange spirit of infatuation or obsession with Pastor like the demoniac woman had with the apostle Paul. As a woman, I’d never date you as I’m quite sure there’s a long list of ex-girlfriends who have had stalking experiences with you. I mean, come on! 10 years Dr. Scott’s been gone and you’re still obsessed with his ministry even though it’s clear you don’t support. WTF? Like I said, you waited one day too long, got consumed, and now you can’t walk away if you tried.

          So, not for your benefit, but for the benefit of the new people here, I will answer this: The only thing I know about John the Baptist’s past is that he ate locusts and honey. The only thing I know about the apostle Paul’s past is that he was a tent maker and apparently studied under Gamaliel. All I know about King David’s past is that he was the least in his household and raised sheep. All I know about Peter was that he was a fisherman so most likely he was uneducated and a bit of a dipsh*t — but certainly not as stupid as your best mate, Patrick. All I know about Moses’ 40 years in the desert was that he got married to someone like Dr. Scott’s first couple of women — but I have no clue what Moses did out there in the wilderness? However, I’m sure if your buddies in the alt fans were around, they would be passing around Photoshop pictures of him screwing a sheep in the wild, whilst accusing, “How can Moses lead the children of Israel out of Egypt when we have Photoshop pics of him throttling a farm animal!!!”

          The point is, when a person experiences God’s calling on their life, they start to become a new creature. The past fades in importance and the present becomes a new day for a faith opportunity, while the future gains more importance than the past (especially for a leader), because without a vision for the future, the people perish.

          You know this already. So the fact that you’re still sniffing around like a pig in shite scratching for that elusive kernel tells me you have a morbid fixation with Pastor — with the past — and I highly doubt your so-called innocent intentions that you keep espousing. You’re unplugged mate and I can’t help you. It’s likely you’ll be forever searching and never come to the truth in the state you’re in. All I know is that God picks his pastors and teachers and the devil picks his and only with spiritual discernment can one rightly divide between them — unless of course the people in question are Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn — in which case, no discernment is needed, only an IQ above 75.

          So, am I to throw out the New Testament because God didn’t give me enough juicy details about the apostles qualifications and all the gory details of their past lives before Christ called them? Same with the Old Testament. Should I be like you and shout, “give me more sordid details about your spokespeople, Lord! Satisfy my insatiable curiosity and then I’ll listen to the words You gave them!!!”

          All I know about Pastor Scott’s past is that in her own words, like Paul, she claims to be the chiefest of sinners. And I know my past has to be 100x worse than hers and frankly that’s none of your business either, you nosey little freak. Only God can deal with my past.

          But since you love to wallow in it so much, and it appears to be paramount in your little fiefdom, maybe you and Patrick could put on a YouTube video / freak-fest where you make everyone in your faux congregation puke with the sordid tales from YOUR past. Perhaps Patrick can demonstrate how he used to masturbate with one finger in the light socket for the added sensation until it made his eyes bulge out from their sockets. I’m sure your forum fanboys would eat up such a testimonial — since testimonials are the perfect venue for all egomaniacs.

    • I have no idea what occurred in her previous life other than what she and Doc have already said. Her life was probably not much different than any of us prior to Christ we went our own way doing our own thing under the influence of the world the flesh and the devil. She has mentioned that she spent time in a Kibbutz, that she travelled (backpacking alone). She claims to only have us as a family so either she has no relatives or she cut them off as Doc had to do to some of his relatives. She was in training to be an Olympic skater but when a harness broke and she fell on her knees it ended her dream. She rebuilt a motor in a car–to name a few. So just this alone tells me (and anyone else that is not biased) that previous to becoming a Christian she was courageous, focused, inquisitive, self-disciplined, attentive, searching, and perhaps even a loner.

      • God can pick whomever He pleases to divide the Word. The Pharisees will always choose the whited sepulchers over the real deal.

  8. Ok Robert,
    Now I am curious. I have the same questions.

    a. explain when Dr Scott died he left you, or Patrick Robinson, or Bobbi Jones, Fred Smith in charge.

    b. explain to me who ordained you for the role of Pastor. You either believed Dr Scott when he taught on Ephesians 4, or you didn’t.

    c. explain how a lawsuit BUILT ON LIES comes from anything other than the devil.

    d. in my own words; It appears to me that from its inception this entire FUMS assault that Patrick Robinson initiated has been a direct attack on Pastor Scott. Perhaps you can explain how this is not an assault but a God ordained action?

    • Answer the case, Robert.

      And have your equally-coward friends come out and do the same…. or… hold your peace, you Satanic snot-rag.

  9. No, apparently not. Well you don’t believe anything I say. I said I don’t want to know dirty details about her past, but you don’t believe that. I say I’m not actively involved with Patrick’s group, other that commenting, but you don’t believe that. You continue to accuse me of things I’ve told you are not me, and you make up things about me. So I see no good reason to say anything more for you to not believe and call me a liar.

    You can’t compare a modern figure to Biblical figures in terms of what we know about them. There’s a limit to how much was passed down about them over the centuries, since they didn’t have semi-permanent web archives.

    Congratulations, I give up. I cannot reasonably discuss anything with people who are so deeply mired in a cult-like worship of Melissa that they consider anyone who doesn’t absolutely and blindly adore her to be purely evil. You twist everything I say into something I did not say and do not mean.

    The only reason I even came here is because of these bullshit degrees you claim she has, which she obviously does not, because if she did she would say so herself on her own website AND would there say where she earned them.

    I don’t believe she even knows about these imaginary degrees you’ve dreamed up.

    If this website is The Truth About Pastor Melissa Scott, I can only gather that the only people with anything good to say about her are sycophants who make up lies, and people with filthy mouths and bad attitudes! Why would anyone want to listen to a preacher who produces people like that?

    You have no way of knowing that you are doing her more harm than good by representing her the way you are. I’m finished here.

    • Au contraire o’ deluded one. It’s you that harbors a “cult-like worship” of Dr. Gene Scott. Enamored by the funny hats and the eccentric peripherals you were, but never understood his teaching. You loved the potatoes, but couldn’t stomach the meat of what he preached. And you never got over his death. Nor did you ever get over the fact that he willed the ministry and the copyrights of his life’s work to his wife after she proved herself worthy in the spiritual matters that proved to be a stumbling block for Doc’s so-called, “spiritual sons”. I don’t care about the “pasts” of historical, biblical figures. Just like I don’t care about the past life of Dr. Scott or Pastor Scott. Nor do I blame her for keeping her private life private. If you could get your grubby little paws on the identity of her family members, you’d probably be stalking them as well.

      Besides, Dr. Scott said on numerous times that his degree from Stanford never qualified him to preach God’s word. It was only the spiritual discernment — that gift from God that opened his eyes to see things in the scriptures that others could never see. His degrees helped him in matters of research and they were a great slap in the face to puffed-up atheists and over-educated secularists who mistakenly believe that only stupid people like you can be Christians. Otherwise, Dr. Scott is the first to admit that his past degrees have no bearing on his qualifications to preach.

      So, I don’t care about Pastor Scott’s degrees. I don’t care about her past and I certainly don’t care whether or not you are best mates with Patrick, or if you pal around with the trash over at alt-fans. You all serve the same master in a divided kingdom regardless of whether or not you quibble over the petty details.

      So, I still hold fast to my first post. You never fooled anyone with your polite request for information. It was a facade for you to spread doubt and discord. You wouldn’t believe that Pastor Scott earned any degrees even if she posted them on her website because you’re unplugged. You’ve got a twisted up, deluded mind and you’ll never be convinced.

      When she finally decides to give the details of her degrees in due time, and you’re proven to be the charlatan that you are, you’ll find another reason to doubt so you can go about your business as usual of mocking and throwing verbal stones from your little fanboy forum. You’re a barnacle and a time sucker. You’re not building anything — only seeking to twist, pervert and ultimately destroy. That’s the job you were sent to do and you just outed yourself with your last post (for anyone who continued to doubt the true motives of your initial request). You don’t believe anything she says and you never will no matter what proof surfaces to the contrary.

      So, good riddance and best of luck kicking against the pricks.

  10. Geeee Robert, I’m disappointed. You won’t answer a single question and you lash out. You’re just mean. I no longer find your butthurt status appealing. I withdraw my previous offer.

    • Easley is busily scampering around behind the scenes hustling up money for Patrick praying he doesn’t find himself in the legal crosshairs once again.

    • I agree. What a fraud this lady is.
      BTW, I don’t think the issue is about her past but about her present. Is she lying about her credentials, or did she get them from somewhere that does not have normal accreditation? BTW, there is no law against preaching without educational credentials, the real issue is if she is lying or exaggerating about her accomplishments, and the answer addresses her credibility.

      • Welcome Joe. We’ll slot you in along with the rest of the Truth Seekers and Alt-Fans in the imbecile’s corner. You faithless, mistrustful, cynical, little squid of a man. And when her credentials turn out to be legit, what will you question next? You remind me of Satan in the garden spreading distrust. “Did God really say not to eat from the tree?”

    • She’ll make it public when it’s relevant to do so. In the meantime it’s fun to watch all the conspiracy theorists say that she’s lying about her degree. When it is made public they will eat scabala yet again.

  11. there is no reasoning with the devil. ignore their lack of education and use of language. these assholes will be here after the catching away you can count on that along with mrs satan!

  12. I don’t belong to any “groups” about either Scott. Our family is in SoCal and started watching Dr. Scott in the1970s but I was the only that went to KH1, then downtown. For a short time in the1980s I answered phones. I stopped watching for a few years in then late 80s, then started up in the 1990s. I don’t trust people that don’t reveal just the basics of themselves, so I stopped watching her.

    When she stopped selling Doc’s tapes and CDs, I thought that antithetical to Doc’s wishes and was quite puzzled. When I would watch her on Sunday or Festival, what she said sounded like regurgated Doc; nothing unique or personal that separated her style from Doc. It was almost as if she memorized Doc’s tapes then did her best to present it as her own. Of course she wouldn’t want any of Doc’s tapes out in public, people could compare.

    It’s sad, but when I watched her, especially on Festival it looked as if she was imitating Doc’s style and presentation, a caricature of Doc. I stopped watching. I too would like to know where she earned her degrees. Here’s one way she should be like Doc, inform those listening to her of her academic history. Anyway, that’s my thought.

    • I think you’ve confused her with Patrick Robinson, Buddy Garcia or Joe Cortes. She does her own research, has her own style and delivery and even counters Dr. Scott’s research on some occasions (which infuriates the Doc Groupies to no end).

  13. She has the calling. God has called her. If you can’t see or hear that then you are deaf and blind to god and his word. She came from the pit like all of us. I feel the call on my life out of the pit. Street cred is nothing to be ashamed of. Dr.Melissa Scott. God is displaying Grace and Mercy through her. A type of things to come. We will be a display of The Mercy and Grace of God throughout the eons to come.

  14. If rightly dividing the Word of God is the goal here and should be then let us exegete the original language texts of the New Testament correctly without bias. When simply reading the Greek Texts written by the anointed Apostle Paul who was the Apostle appointed by The head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ, he chose by leading of the Holy Spirit to write the requirements for Pastor in the male gender. There is not one word in his letters in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1 referring to the Pastor of the local church in the female gender. He was led by the Spirit of God to write the Pastor requirements in and for the male only gender. This is referring to the Pastor position but there is another ministry office which does include female gender called prophetess which is a rare office. So, scholars, lets read the texts, exegete the word, rightly dividing it per subject and obey the Divine Holy inspired word of God for its doctrinal instructions. It is church politically correct in the church today to ignore the word for God clear teaching on this and other instructions. On judgement day when Christ will judge us all according to his written word, why would he ignore his own word from the Father written to his blood bought church for the last two thousand years? Now these good female Christians exalting themselves to the pastor position many be otherwise be doing a good work of teaching but how in the word can these self exalted Christians get the pastors crown when the requirements for the position have not be met? Now do not be shocked, I’m not picking on any one female so called pastor but bringing attention to the word of the Lord who gives instructions to the church. So, my advise as a preacher of the Gospel for thirty years and responsible to the Lord for my own calling and teaching is for every female so called pastor to step down from their position and follow the word of the Lord for their sake and the churches sake. As far as my own qualifications are concerned: I’m born again since 1961, Spirit Baptized in 1979, called to ministry by the Lord 1979, multi-year ordained procedure preacher in good standing with major Pentecostal denomination/fellowship who holds biblical degrees with Greek and Hebrew language study of two years each in the B.A an M.Div accredited Bible college and divinity graduate school degrees and a doctrinal exegetical teacher/preacher. Now, if today’s error of female pastors continue then each person out of office will answer to the Lord for their error’s on the day when judgement first begins in the house of God..the church. Let us all beware the Lord is returning soon! Finally, before anyone argues with this, make sure you have Greek texts proof not opinions before even attempting to write. Kindly..

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