On Death And Dying

Pastor Melissa Scott

On the June 7th Sunday Service, Pastor Melissa Scott covered the subject of death and how it affects us not only when thinking about our own mortality, but also how the death of a loved one can affect us. It all sounds a bit morbid on the surface, but Pastor Scott concluded her sermon with a message of hope. Of course we all miss our loved ones who have gone on before us, and it’s normal for us to shed a tear when thinking about them even if we believe they’re in heaven — and that’s simply because we miss them. As mortal human beings we are also prone to fear death because know it comes for us all one day and accompanied with that fact is the nagging “fear of the unknown.”

Most evangelists exploit this fear with sermons like, “If you died today do you know where you’d be going?” But Pastor Scott’s message was far different. Hers was a victory message for all Christians based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He alone overcame death, hell and the grave and he alone holds the keys to eternity. Salvation is not based upon running down to the church altar and publicly bawling¬† and squalling in an emotionally overloaded, one-time display of repentance. Hard to think that almighty God is impressed with such a quick purchase of an eternal life insurance policy. No, the message this Sunday was more about a life spent studying God’s word and a life spent pushing for a closer relationship with Christ and daily faith action based on His rightly divided Word.

But again, don’t listen to me. These notes are just my recollection of the service. It’s always best to listen for yourself on Pastor Scott’s website for a replay of the Sunday service which replays Tuesday at 7pm.


  1. I followed Dr. Gene Scott for years, then sort of lost track when I moved to another state where I couldn’t get the channels. Now I am happy to find some info on my iPad, and that Mrs. Dr. Scott is still on….

  2. i have being blessed to have heard dr gene scott.about 1985. and at first was askecbtical but a few friends and myself would get togather once or twice a week and listen to the teaching.all the time up to his death in 2005 .dr gene scott was a gifted minister.his wife pastor melissa scott.was ordined to pastor faith center after his home going .i belive she is an amazing teacher i am still listening to pastor melissa scott and know she is one off the few ministers off gods word .at the present time she is preaching on daniel and revelation along with some off thee other books we need to understand last daysthe lord has blessed her and all who work with her .i feel one person who has being blessed to have being called by god our father and our lord jesus christ to this ministery faith center .

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