Happy 10-Year Anniversary Pastor!

Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott celebrated her 10-Year Anniversary at Faith Center last Sunday (March 1st 2015). The critics said she’d never make it more than a year or two, but hahahahahahaha, God’s in control, suckers! Among her many special guests were The KJLH Radio Free Performance Choir and they were awesome! Their set included such songs as “I’ve Got A Testimony” and “Joy Comin'”.

Directed by Grammy Award nominated Recording Artist, Brent Jones, and joined by Traci “Eboni” Brown, founder of the KJLH Gospel Performance Choir (who has performed with many other greats such as Larry Dunn of “Earth Wind & Fire.”), the choir totally rocked the house. I was there and my testimony is that loads of stiff, white people, miraculously found rhythm and clapped in unison for the first time in years.

Other notable guests in attendance were Bishop Donnie Williams of the Family Church International in Pasadena, California. Dr. Ken Beshore of the World Bible Society, Dr. Christopher Mkandawire of the Rock Africa Mission, Rev. Louann Roberts of the Elmwood Correctional Institute, long-time church attorney, Patty Glaser, Sheldon Baker of the Salvation Army in Glendale, Imam Tariq Ansaar Aquil – Chaplain CTF of Soledad Prison, Chad Wick of KTTV – Fox Station L.A., and many more.

I took notes as fast as I could, but obviously missed a lot more guests that Pastor Scott introduced. Highlights of the Anniversary Service for me was hearing an intelligent, Muslim Imam (Tariq Ansaar Aquil) speaking boldly against radical recruiters sending young muslim men to fight in far away places, as well as his dedication to teaching his students Arabic, not to mention his dedication to his prison ministry. He credited his interest in learning the original language of the Koran to Pastor Melissa Scott’s deep study of the original Greek and Hebrew in the New and Old Testaments.

The other highlight was the video that Pastor Scott’s staff put together listing all the accomplishments she has lead the ministry to over the past 10 years. There were too many for me to remember, but thinking back on the battles she fought when first taking the helm, and thinking back on all the people who wimped out and ran away when Dr. Scott passed away (about 50% of the congregation), and thinking back on all the critics who predicted the church wouldn’t survive more than a year, the video brought to light God’s power, leading, and the many blessings He has poured out on this ministry.

Even amidst the energy of the electrifying choir,  and all the introductions of the special guests in attendance from around the country and around the world, Pastor Scott still made time to teach a message: “Is anything too impossible for God?

And the answer is NO! Nothing is impossible for God. We thank Him for sending his gift domata to this ministry.


  1. It was indeed a wonderful service! Thank you for your documentation of it. I am glad to have been there and am extremely grateful that God has given us such a faithful Pastor.

  2. Thank you Pastor for a most beautiful anniversary service. Special thanks for your personal greeting at the door. One of the most special moments of my life.

  3. You have refined you teachings do you ever travel to N.Y. You once sent me a Bible, also the Mormans gave me one, And the Saint James, and Gidion. Which do you prefer. IAD-hhh-CaCa Thanks

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