For Those Who Ran Away – Part I

Brave Sir Robin

If you’re new to Pastor Scott’s teaching, you probably won’t understand the inside joke of this video, but a long time ago Dr. Scott talked about how many times he had to endure watching people who failed in their spiritual commitments set about rationalising their failures and blaming everyone else except themselves. In order to avoid the pain and humiliation of facing themselves and their failure, and in order to avoid the blow to their pithy self esteem, the failures would engage in all sorts of blame shifting. They would blame the circumstance, blame the Pastor, or even blame God — simply because the pain of admitting that the problem lay within themselves required more humility than they could muster.

When Dr. Scott died, about half the congregation ran away citing numerous excuses and even taking demonic swipes at Pastor Scott on their way out the door — the classic one being: “I’m not being fed here.” I know they meant “spiritually fed”, but oh, how I prayed that God would for one day make me a man that I might “feed” the offending voice a worthy appendage as just desserts for saying such an idiotic thing. I know Pastor would disagree with me on this, and sorry to offend other churches, but once you’ve been called to this ministry, there is no other ministry. The last time I turned on religious TV, and the times I’ve attended other churches, I would have to lobotomise myself in order to get through one more sermon. As insulting as that sounds, I’m only using it as a way to illustrate the point that those who left didn’t do so because they weren’t being “spiritually fed”, they left because they no longer wanted to keep their commitments. They used Dr. Scott’s passing as a way to slither out the door so they could spend their money and their time on their own selves. Most aren’t man enough to admit that.

Recently, Pastor Scott has had to deal with that same kind of behaviour from people who felt the need to send her nasty letters on their way out. I’m not talking about those who stumbled and fell on their walk and returned as prodigals. Everyone who sets out on this journey will stumble and fall at some point, just like Peter and Jonah and countless others in the Bible. This video isn’t about them. This video is for the arrogant, self-righteous, wimpy little cry babies who took nasty shots at Pastor on their way out the door. So, for all those wankers still sitting out there rationalising their failures, still consoling themselves that it wasn’t their fault, and still blaming everyone but themselves — this one’s for you!


  1. After an angry confrontation when Dr. Scott told me personally I was just a “A self protective asshole (that’s true) I was too much of a coward to return to so, I too Ran away.

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