The Real Truth About Pastor Scott


Pastor Melissa Scott is the Pastor and teacher of Faith Center in Los Angeles, California where she conducts “live” Sunday services each week at 11am. Faith Center (also known as “King’s House 1” by old timers) is famous for hosting the first, live Christian television broadcast in the United States. Her husband, the late Dr. Gene Scott, pastored the church from 1975 until his passing in 2005. Pastor Melissa Scott was ordained both by Dr. Scott and the Full Gospel Fellowship in the late 1990s and was appointed by her husband to take charge as Pastor immediately upon his passing. Pastor Scott has since earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity degrees in Biblical Languages.

Those of us who listen to her on a regular basis love her teaching as it is far and away the only voice of faith for Christians who are not only interested in learning how to have a true relationship with God, but also for those where the intellectual factor is a MUST. This is not a church for emotional savages or the kind of imbecilic, “Religulous” straw men that secularists like Bill Maher love to knock down.

Like any public figure taking a hard stance, Pastor Scott has her fair share of critics. Only the lukewarm and the milquetoast can skate through life without them, and Pastor Scott’s tend to fall into the following camps:

1) Rabid secularists who in their zeal to “de-God” the universe, attack her as they would anyone who dares set foot outside the intellectual prison walls of Evolutionary “group-think”.

2) Backward, ill-taught, fundamentalist Christians who believe that women should not be allowed to teach God’s word. These are of the same ilk as those who secretly long to live in some sort of Medieval utopia or present-day Saudi Arabia where women aren’t even allowed to drive, much less speak in a pulpit. And believe it or not, Women Are Allowed To Speak In The Church in a biblical sense.

3) Next, come the most ruthless and sadistic critics of them all…the disgruntled ex-members of the church who are still mad at God for allowing the late, great Dr. Gene Scott to die. One of these critics recently wept openly on YouTube with a resounding whine, “I want my Doc back!” I know it sounds strange and bizarre — and it is! — but, yes the Doc Groupies are still mad at God for not giving Dr. Scott the lifespan of Methuselah, and they take strange delight in venting their frustration on his successor, Pastor Melissa Scott.

So when surfing the web, you will no doubt run across hit pieces, hate blogs, and freak forums, full of the vilest sorts. I know, because I”ve had the misfortune of reading all of them. Blame it on my own sick curiosity for the macabre, I suppose, but in all my time perusing the filth, the tactic du jour of most of her critics is to merely throw out red herrings, or make colorful, off-topic remarks on superficial topics such as the length of her hair, what kinds of clothes she wears, and an obsessive desire to speculate on her past life.

The abuse they hurl is very similar to what was going on when Dr. Gene Scott was alive. I rarely heard critics who were intelligent enough to attack the substance of Dr. Scott’s teaching. And similar to what her husband went through, most of the critiques leveled at Pastor Melissa Scott are ad hominem in nature. Whatever wild, maniacal tales I’ve read about her alleged past from her “white-sepulchered” critics, just all seem laughable to me. Even if all that nonsense were true, it would still pale in comparison to my own past life before becoming a Christian. It would still pale in comparison to murderers like Moses and King David (and the list goes on…) And if people would take an honest assessment of their own deeds, much less their thoughts, and measure them against all of God’s laws (not just the measley 10 Commandments) they would feel EXTREMELY fortunate that God wants anything to do with them.

I suppose personal, ad-hominem attacks can be effective when trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator of society like the low-information Christian, as this tactic is popular in political campaigns. But for people who are solely interested in God’s Word, and the study of His Word, without all the fanfare, there is no better Bible teacher alive today than Pastor Melissa Scott. I like listening to Christian Apologist, Dr. William Lane Craig for his insights on the logical fallacies in current atheistic thought. But when it comes to making it to eternity and learning how to live the life of faith in the here-and-now, I stick to listening to Dr. Gene Scott (re-runs) and Pastor Melissa Scott.

I suppose if the following biblical characters had to endure the scrutiny of our modern-day, generation of Pharisees, they would all be disqualified from leading God’s people. King David would surely be expelled from leading the kingdom of Israel because of his adulterous affair with Bathsheba (not to mention having her husband killed so he could take her for himself). Moses would have been disqualified for murdering that Egyptian. And the great Apostle Paul would surely have to step down for his previous acts of persecuting of Christians and having them put to death — He even had the holy distinction of holding the coats of the stone throwers who martyred Stephen.

The Bible’s pages are littered with all sorts of unsavory types who became God’s heroes of faith. So, for me personally, I don’t get sidetracked by self-righteous grandstanding or superficial, off-topic critiques. For me it’s all about God’s Word, and I only listen to those who can rightly divide the Word — not holier-than-thou imbeciles adorned in white suits.

As you can tell, I started this blog because I like Pastor Scott and I believe she is an authentic person. More importantly I like her teaching. The problem with so many “religious” people I meet is they seem to think the Bible was written in English. When Pastor Scott claims to have mastery over 26 languages, it’s more than just “Wow, that’s 25 more languages than most Americans can read, write or speak!” No, instead I’m grateful that her linguistic abilities are used for good in uncovering the true meaning of God’s Word as written in the original manuscripts. Too many knuckle-heads are running loose in pulpits around America spouting verses — not only out of context — but also from incomplete or errant English translations. God bless the early translators, they did the best they could with the tools and the biases of their time, but we can do better in this generation. With Pastor Melissa Scott, and her in-depth research — particularly in the Old Testament Hebrew and the New Testament Greek — we truly have a gift teacher from God who can rightly divide His Word.

*Note: I’m not just some silly “fan girl,” and I do not speak for Pastor Scott. I only espouse my opinions here. And since this is not an officially sanctioned church blog, I don’t have to be nice to the haters that want to hate in the comments. Preferably, only intelligent, civilised people will post. But I realise this is the internet and since I value free speech, its inevitable that cretins and trolls will find their way here along with the intelligent ones. So, even if you hold contrary opinions, you can post, just so long as you have half a brain or if you’re somewhat amusing I won’t block your posts.


  1. Jesus was not hung on the cross to die Jesus was murdered, by the Government of the day and in addition the church of the day.
    Consider that Jesus did nothing, he only did what the father told him to do, so in murdering Jesus the Son, The Father is blamed because he gave instructions to the son.

  2. God bless you Pastor Melissa Scott for your dedication to the Lord and teaching His word and truths! Also god bless those responsible for this wonderfully supportive blog on behalf of Pastor Melissa Scott! I am a long time FAN of her teachings! Many blessings in Jesus, Pastor Dr. Russell Rintelmann

  3. Jesus represents in Christianity the only pathway for this singular religion founded in Forgiveness. Without His death (by crucifixion) there could be no resurrection and no pathway to forgiveness. This understanding , shown by the thief who died with Him , set the stage for all others to understand why Jesus could not free himself from the cross. That thief’s logical understanding earned him Eternal forgiveness while the thief who mocked Jesus (for not saving himself ) would perish into the abyss of ignorant darkness. Jesus would die saying ” forgive them Father , for they know not what they do” . In those words spectators that day , and all of us to present day , received His special offer of Forgiveness. ” Ask and ye shall receive.”
    There could be no other way to live out this story to a rational end .

  4. Hi, not sure if you listened to the Ross & Carrie podcast about Pastor yet. It’s just littered with inaccuracies. I tried pointing them out on their podcast page but Carrie’s just getting defensive and they’re about to say bye bye and block me. If I post my article here will you post it? I’ve been diligent in pointing out their errors.

    Thank you.

    • Yes I will email you. We don’t normally post articles we don’t write, but if it’s good and accurate, I’ll post it. Started listening to the podcast but it was so wrong I had trouble getting through first few minutes. I’ll try to listen soon. Thanks.

  5. Hello, I love Pastor Scott and her teachings. I also noticed that her detractors were a ridiculous lot. But I have a question for you. After reading your post I am left wondering what biblical passages (as I think can be inferred from your statement) you think were incorrectly translated due to societal bias in the original King James? Thank you for any answer you can provide.

    • Any bible scholar can point out many errors made by the King James’ translators, some inconsequential, some more major. I’m not sure I ever stated it was due to societal bias? One bias held by English speakers in general is they dislike using the same word twice in the same sentence. So when translating the original biblical languages, they made word substitutions when the original writers had in fact meant to use the same exact word twice. That would be more of a “English” bias than a societal, patriarchal bias, though.

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