The Truth About Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott was ordained and appointed by her late husband, Dr. Gene Scott to lead the church after his passing. All of his copyrighted materials and life’s teaching were passed on to her along with instructions on his wishes.

Far from the mimics and copycats that appeared on the scene after Dr. Scott’s passing, Pastor Melissa Scott has her own style of teaching. As she so aptly put it when a well-meaning advice giver warned her, “You’ve got some big shoes to fill,” she answered, “I’m walking in my own shoes.”

In her short time running the ministry she has massively upgraded the infrastructure at Faith Center in Glendale where services take place each Sunday morning at 11. Along with a team of staff members and dedicated volunteers she has digitized the entire body of work of her late husband transferring thousands of hours of teaching off of antiquated 2-inch tape to digital. She has also spearheaded the Dr. Gene Scott Pulpit series of books which was a massive transcription effort to take his audio and video teaching into book format. A recent pulpit has just been completed and is available at

(more to follow…)

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