The Real Truth About Dr. Gene Scott

Dr. Gene Scott

Dr. Gene Scott served faithfully as the Pastor and teacher at Faith Center in Glendale, California from 1975 – 2005. Normally when someone dies, most people say nice things about the deceased — even former enemies can usually find something nice to say. And this was true for the most part in the case of Dr. Gene Scott at his passing. But as media outlets regurgitated the story of his life, I kept seeing the same antiquated cliche’s like: “Shock jock of TV evangelism”, or “wacky, late-night preacher…” And the same pictures of him wearing crazy glasses or funny hats were recirculated. This technique was used so consistently by the news media, I figured it had to either be due to their laziness or that there was a deliberate effort being made to propagandize the viewers.

Journalists can be lazy like anyone else, and the quick and dirty way to knock out a story is just to grab what’s already out there on the web and copy and paste it with just a few words changed to “make it your own” story. But the fact that so many news outlets focused on the sensational or the negative whilst totally disregarding the major accomplishments of his life made me wonder if a propaganda effort was indeed underfoot? Was Dr. Scott just another “wacky, late-night, TV evangelist” like they claimed?

The caricatures in these “swoop and poop” obituaries were not only severely limited in their scope, many were just outright wrong. The man earned his Ph.D. n philosophies of Education from Stanford University way back in 1957, so he was already far more intellectually advanced in the 1950s than the wacky, TV Evangelists of the 1980s that the media tried to lump him in with. And he used his intellectual skills to dig into the original Biblical languages — Hebrew and Greek to better study and unpack God’s word for his students each week during his broadcasts. But with his great mind and his powerful oratory skills, the man certainly didn’t need to be a preacher. A tenured position as a university professor would have been the easy way to live out his life, but Dr. Scott had a burning desire to communicate God’s word even if it meant being hated without a cause or having to endure tedious insults from talking heads in the media who possessed half his brain power.

The news media called Ronald Reagan the “great communicator” for his oratory skills even if they meant it in a disingenuous, underhanded way. And they constantly heap sincere praises atop of the head of their lord and savior, Barack Hussein Obama, for his amazing ability to recite from a teleprompter. Well, I’ve listened to all three men speak, and Dr. Gene Scott blows them all away. He might start off a sermon behind the podium looking at his notes, but within 10 minutes, he would be stomping around the stage with a thundering voice just ripping a string of words out masterfully. He could sound comedic, insightful, bombastic, learned, and full of righteous indignation all within the span of five minutes and without ever referring to his notes! Had he chosen politics or business or any other field, his power with words alone would have seen him to the top of his profession.

There will probably never be another speaker like him in our generation and few so far ahead of his time. He was unraveling the mysteries of Atlantis, UFOs, The Lost Tribes of Israel, the Pyramids, ghost stories and demonology (like the Amityville Horror) decades before the History Channel started delving into it. He routinely uncovered blatant, news media bias decades before Rush Limbaugh and Fox News began to make a living out of it. And he allowed gays in the church way back when it was taboo.

But that wasn’t all. Besides being the greatest Bible teacher of his time, he fought legal battles with the government to ensure church freedoms and he was instrumental in getting the Petris Bill passed. He rescued Faith Center from financial collapse when he came in as a consultant in 1975. He rescued the historic United Artists Theater on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles — the beautiful Spanish Baroque treasure that Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks built back in 1919. At its peak in the 1920s, all sorts of Hollywood galas were thrown there. But it had fallen into serious disrepair and was little more than haven for crack addicts and gang members with its graffiti’d walls and urine-soaked alleyways when Dr. Scott undertook the restoration project in 1990. It took a huge effort to bring it back to life, but after holding church services there for over a decade, the building is now home to the trendy Ace Hotel and fully restored to its former Hollywood glory with loads of Grammy and Oscar after parties being held there.

Dr. Gene Scott has also authored over 20 books (with more being published posthumously by his surviving wife, Pastor Melissa Scott), he served as president of the Full Gospel Fellowship from October 1975 to July 1984, and his philanthropic activities included: the Los Angeles Central Library Save the Books telethon; the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center; Rebuild L.A., and the Philatelic Foundation of New York. He has also logged over 1,000 hours of teaching that is being carefully restored and digitized by his wife and successor, Pastor Scott.

Comedian Robin Williams made fun of Dr. Scott in a televised skit and writer Hunter Thompson derided Scott as a “late-night ferret” in one of his books. Ironically both would punk out and commit suicide when life got too tough for them. But Dr. Scott gutted out his last moments of life with faith in God. He battled pancreatic and other forms of cancer that had spread through his body insisting he fight his way to the podium for his final Sunday to preach God’s word.

But never mind all this positive fluff. The news media calls Dr. Gene Scott just another wacky, late-night, TV Evangelist so that you can all mentally file him away in a neatly packaged category without ever having to research the man yourself. So, don’t listen to me. Stop reading all this and get back to your Kardashians and Gaga and the litany of reality show offerings that the media has waiting for you to keep you passively numbed and dumbed and controlled.


  1. I enjoyed and benefited from his videos through 2005. He was a money grubber and often dictatorial but I watched anyway. He was correct that the SF Bay area was taken by evil. Homosexuality, Marxism and greed ruined a city. I’ve watched the ruination of CA by criminal trespassers and others larcenously looting the state’s tax base and the workding class people who continue to pay the bill. S. CA is a multiplicity more normal a land to live in than what S.F. Bay area has become. From the Golden State to the anti-Christian and anti-American center of the USA

    • When did Dr. Scott ever speak out against homosexuality? He allowed gays in the church, but you wouldn’t know because you were never there. Be clear, those are your words not his.

  2. This poor man was mentally ill and never got the proper treatment(probably schizophrenia)! All that surrounded him were like little piggy’s sucking off of his financial teats! Enablers one and all, this man needed an intervention!! Shame on his “wife” who is wringing every last penny out of Scott’s misguided work!

    • Probably schizophrenia? Wow, nice diagnosis from a simpleton unschooled in anything…much less psychiatry. Dr. Scott’s wife has saved the ministry and been engaged in a 10-year clean up and restoration mission. Of course you wouldn’t know because you’ve been too busy sitting on your ass playing armchair quarterback. Forget the Bible, get a beginners psychology book so you won’t look like as much of a jackass as you did in your last post.

  3. I loved Dr Scott and I learned so much from him. I still miss him and would love to go to the table of the Lord with him one more time.

  4. I really enjoyed watching his wacky fundraiser of a show. I use the word “wacky” becuz that’s what I read other news media people saying and I worship the news media and totaly trust ’em. Also licked the videos he would play of him and all those hookers he had on the front row. I ASSumed they were hookers ’til I offered ’em some money and one of ’em slapped me across my greasy face. Damned if she didn’t. Called me a filthy pig and a fat c***sucker. I only weigh 310 lbs but am big boned not fat! I go to Calvary Chapel in orange county now its much better. No stupid broad there ever calls me a fat prick or anything like that and I only have to throw a buck in the offering plate now again when my car washing biz is going well. Toodaloo you suckers keep wasting your money!

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