Racial Division in the Church

Pastor Melissa Scott

One thing I liked about Dr. Gene Scott was that he treated everyone on staff equally. There were no favorites. He would blow torch a white staff person with the same vigor he would a black or hispanic staffer. One time he even publicly lit up a staff person from Texas for being verbally abusive to his hispanic workers at the ranch.

It wasn’t because he was an equality activist, it’s because he truly was color blind. He believed that the only color that mattered in the world was the red blood of Jesus.

Racial Division in the World

His kind of thinking stands in stark contrast to the modern worldly view where racial and class identities are paramount. The media is constantly fueling the flames over race pushing stories about “White Privilege” and “Black Lives Matter” into the daily vernacular. Provoking sentiments of envy, distrust and resentment will only result in stronger divisive lines as people flock together with birds of a feather for self protection against potential backlash and violence.

Pastor Melissa Scott and Unity

What I like about Pastor Scott is that she is truly color blind as well. God’s Word, the red blood of Jesus all take preeminence to matters of race. She is just like Dr. Scott on this matter. I’ve noticed she doesn’t take the person’s status, social standing, race or class into account when she’s dealing with them.  When she talks about unity she’s talking about it as it pertains to the church. We as  a church should strive to come together like the book of Ephesians says “till we come to unity of the faith.”

So while we hear politicians espouse their soaring rhetoric of unity and coming together, the world still remains hotly divided on a multitude of issues. The only real unity we can Christians can ever hope for in this world is that the church can eventually come to a unity of the faith. The only unity the world can ever attain will be some sort of dystopian, Anti-christ crushing people down to the powder in servitude of worldwide despotism.

Needless to say, I was disheartened to see the number of African Americans sounding off in a negative manner when Pastor Scott’s “That’s Why We Stand for the Flag” video clip came out on YouTube. When Dr. Scott brought Jesse Jackson to speak at church I’m sure some of the right wingers did not like it. Likewise, when Dr. Scott brought the U.S. Army General to speak on the Iraq War I’m sure some of the left wing pacifists in the church did not like that.

Dr. Scott, Mayor Willie Brown, Mayor Willie Brown, Merle Haggard

But again, we all tolerated a diversity of political opinion because those were just one-off speaking engagements. Neither speaker represented what the church was all about and no one knew for sure where Dr. Scott stood. He had so many friends in politics from the Democratic side of the aisle that one could mistakenly assume he was one as well. Then he could say something about the 2nd Amendment that would cause his critics to think he was a right winger.

Why We Stand for the Flag

Regardless, God’s Word is front and center at Faith Center and it always has been. That’s why we’ve never had a problem of racial division in the church. Race, sexual orientation, class all mean ZERO. Jesus Christ is on the throne end of story. So it doesn’t matter if you’re black, gay, transgender or even a Bronie — you’re not going to looked down upon but neither are you going to have your ass kissed. Jesus Christ is King of Kings and everyone else is a sinner being saved by grace and not by their self-righteous works.

Pastor Scott has traveled around the world and she knows this country is unique in that it’s our Constitution, not some despotic whims that grants us our religious freedoms. Dr. Scott believed the USA was God’s chosen country in the last days for that reason. No other country has these kinds of protections from tyranny, certainly not secular Europe with their state-worshipping populace. The state controls the church there.

So, when Pastor Scott talks about standing for the flag and people got offended and some left the church, the best I can say to them is don’t put your race or your politics ahead of God’s Word. I can promise you that will not fly when you stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ…

“Well, you see Lord, my race and my political persuasions are what make me a good and moral person — not your precious blood you shed for me. Therefore, I’m sure you can understand why I left the house where your Word was being rightly divided for one that stroked my gargantuan ego and told me how morally superior I was for holding my macro political views. Surely you agree, right Lord?”



  1. Rugged individualists in Christ are proud to be part of Dr Scott’s and now Pastor Scott’s ministry because they offer a freedom in Christ without the fundamentalist, moral, political and politically correct “buts” attached. Thank you for this blog.

  2. I only recently watched her video and was disappointed as well. It is blindingly clear she has no idea why this man began his “Take A Knee” stance. It is my opinion that anyone who objects to him and others who will not stand have NEVER listened to him or read the article giving his reason. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FLAG OR BEING ANTI-AMERICAN. It does however have EVERYTHING to do with the racial inequalities leveled against African Americans which those who do not live it wish they’d just SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY! Therein lies the problem. ‍♀️
    Why are those who victims to inequality always told to stop talking about it? It only serves to put gasoline on the briquettes. I think you’re in need of fasting and prayer or you’ll NEVER be able to comprehend your “brothers”

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