Site Hacked

Sorry to our regular visitors for the loss of content. The site was compromised and all the former articles and comments are deleted. One would think that Patrick and his gang are responsible for this since they are pissed off about getting their collective a$$es handed to them in the copyright lawsuit. Apparently, they’re still ass covering and rationalizing the horrendous losses they suffered and maybe it was a way to get me back since I have been far from sympathetic to their cause. Since the hacker placed abusive remarks about Dr. Gene Scott’s copyrights in place of the regular content it would make them likely suspects.

After giving it more thought, however, I’ve come to the conclusion that it could not be Patrick nor his lemmings as they are far too stupid to have orchestrated such an attack. Yes, WordPress sites are easy to hack especially since I wasn’t updating the themes and plugins often enough. But these are neither intelligent, nor tech savvy people, so my guess is that it was just some random little hacker-dweeb, script kiddie with too much time on his hands searching for easy WordPress sites to hack.

Oh well, sorry to all for losing your comments, but will have to start the site over from scratch, new host, new passwords, yeah all that.

Warmest regards, The Spieler