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Intro To Pastor Scott

If you're new to Pastor Melissa Scott's program, then you're sure to have lots of questions. Although I have an insider's perspective on her ministry that most bloggers do not, the best way to get your questions answered is to visit her website at:

If you're searching the web for more information on Pastor Scott, you've no doubt stumbled upon the critical voices in the "blogosphere." If you're not bothered by the critics, then don't bother with the rest of this page. If, however, you've become disheartened by their negativity, perhaps my experience can be of help.

I worked for both Dr. Gene Scott and Pastor Melissa Scott in various capacities for the past twenty years. I know Pastor Melissa Scott personally, and being a natural-born cynic, even I have to admit that she is the real deal. Of course, you have no reason to take my word for it, but remember, these people abusing her on the blogs don't know her at all. Here is how I came to Pastor Melissa Scott and her ministry:

Dr. Gene Scott

I didn't like church as a teenager. I was never a "God-Hater," but the traditional church world was such a turn-off with it's hypocrisy and legalism, that I gave up on "organized religion" altogether. That all changed the first time I heard Dr. Gene Scott on the radio. He was amazing! I couldn't believe that a person with his intellect could also be a Christian. Even though he had an Einstein-like IQ, he never tried to talk over people's heads. He was able to break down complex subject matter and still communicate it.

I found Dr. Scott during the time when Christian leadership was represented in the news media by the big three: the effeminate Jim Baker; the smug Jerry Falwell; and the hypocritical Jimmy Swaggart. Dr. Scott seemed too good to be true. "So," I asked, "what's the catch?" After all, my secular education indoctrinated me into believing that a person could not be both smart and be a Christian -- yet Dr. Gene Scott was the living paradox to that stereotype.

Dr. Gene Scott reading Bible

Pastor Melissa Scott on stage

Pastor Melissa Scott on platform

The Critics

Unfortunately, my joy was short lived. After expressing my excitement to family and friends, they began to cast suspicion on Dr. Scott. A cynical news media believes the Bible is nothing more than a compilation of fairy stories, so, it's hardly surprising that they would be suspect Dr. Scott. After all, intelligent people don't believe in impossible things like the Resurrection. I kept listening to Dr. Scott's teaching in spite of the the critics. Admittedly, they made me suspicious, but they could never turn me off of his teaching.

After years of living in an apologetic state, it dawned on me that the only thing the naysayers could do was attack him personally: his lifestyle, his cigars, his horses...but none could refute the truth of his teaching. Eventually I decided to focus on the one thing that mattered -- THE TEACHING. It wasn't until years later while working for the man, that I learned how correct my initial gut reaction had been. I got to see with my own eyes what a profoundly dedicated Pastor he was. He didn't just talk about God's word on Sundays, he put it into practice on a daily basis throughout the week.

We now live in the age of the Mega Church -- spearheaded by anti-authoritarian, non-confrontational, nice guys, who preach on Christian networks with a Tower of Babble twist. Tune in anytime and you can hear an amalgamation of confusing voices bleating out contradictory messages. And just like in Dr. Scott's day, the media is busily ferreting out stories of religious leaders caught in scandals. Even trying to create them when they don't exist.

Pastor Scott Walking In Her Own Shoes

So, on the stage strolls Pastor Melissa Scott, a person who never dreamed she'd be a Pastor. Dr. Scott's death left the church in a temporary state of confusion. Yet Pastor Scott emerged as the calm, reassuring leader with the faith, fortitude, and guts to handle the assignment.

Pastor Melissa Scott's broadcast has no advertising sponsors, no circus-like sideshows, no counseling services, no pictures of starving children to solicit sympathy donations, no "Holy Rocks" from Jerusalem nor "Jesus Junk" for sale -- just straight-forward Bible teaching. And even though she spent years by Dr. Scott's side, she's much more than some simple marionette parroting his past messages (unlike the copycats you might have stumbled onto on the internet who copy him.)

Pastor Melissa Scott is an intelligent person in her own right -- possessing the ability to read, write, and speak twenty-six different languages. She conducts her own research and with her linguistic ability, she's able to interpret the ancient languages of the original Biblical texts.

Pastor Melissa Scott singing

Pastor Melissa Scott Latest Arrival CD


I learned a lot working by her side and I know some of the challenges she's had to face in rescuing this ministry. I love Dr. Scott, but the infrastructure would have crumbled had she not come along when she did. She is modernizing the ministry for the digital age, and laying a foundation that will become a launching pad for God's Word to encompass the entire globe.

So if you've had the misfortune of finding critics on the internet, don't forget that in our great country, even the "unhinged" are allowed their right to freedom of speech. Having to endure their tedious insults is part of the price we pay for that freedom.

Pastor is a forgiving person. She loves God and she will overcome evil with good. I, however, am not so enlightened. I still enjoy employing a bit of the "old-school Dr. Scott" tactics when it comes to antagonizing the enemies of the church. So, if you don't want to read where I critique the critics, then it's probably best to focus on all the positive things God's word has to say. You can heck out photos of Pastor Scott here.